Urgent appeal to scientists all over the world

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Urgent appeal to scientists all over the world

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Due to the Drastically Increasing Climate Change, it is Essential to Inform All the Scientists on the Planet.

Friends, we refer to all people on the planet, who accepts the science, as a way of exploring the one and only Truth. Whose minds are turned to the depth of everything. To those, who treats science, as a way of exploring the Truth, and not as a way of achieving power.

As many people already acknowledge, that global climate changes on Earth-is the derivative of astronomical processes and their cyclicity. This cyclic recurrence is inevitable. The geological history of the Earth has survived global climate changes more than once…..

In fact, humanity does not even have 100 years, approximately only 50 years! Overall, we have few decades, due to the upcoming events. The release of extremely high level of additional exogenous (external) and endogenous (internal) energies have been evidenced in the past two decades by the unusual changes of geophysical parameters of the planet, the emergence of a variety of observable anomalies, an increase in the frequency and rate of extreme events, and uneven increase of natural disasters on Earth in the atmosphere (air), lithosphere (earth), and hydrosphere (water) …

The climate changes become obvious and threatening. The nonpermanent scales of climate changes exceed the average statistics of “political lifespan” of those individuals who make decisions about the safety and destiny of entire nations. Nowadays, world's politics have a consumers society where human face is losing the mask of humanity, revealing the true essence. It is sufficient, to consider what safety measures are being taken for the nations of various countries and who really ensures their own safety, hiding behind “caring for people" as explained in the report "On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”

The majority of honest scientists can see the big picture of imperfection of modern world and all the fragility of the real humankind position. The world is on the verge of global cataclysms, however, there is a way to survive. The solution is described in details in the above-mentioned report.

The report was prepared by the international research team of ALLATRA SCIENCE scientists, and we suggest you to look over it :)

Any trained mind and high intellectual brain, can consciously see the need and importance of changes in life of society, and prepare for the potential global climate cataclysms. We sincerely ask you to listen to our message. It is valuable for each person’s decision to unity and create, because a lot of risks are placed on the map of each human. Global cataclysms are gaining power, therefore, every day is important, and every second counts.

On the website GeoCenter.info has a disclosed information about the climate situation around the world, eventually, it can lead to global cataclysms on the planetary scale. Nowadays, every decision matters, whoever possesses scientific knowledge and proofs about the climate situation on the planet and is interested in sharing the information with everyone on our website, feel free to press the button "Offer Material" where you can share your opinion, information, and scientific research on the topics: changes of the climate on the planet, and global cataclysms. Your information can inform a lot of people, and save millions innocent human lives. Today the unity of all decent people around the world is vital for all humanity.

The history teaches us, that the unity of people on the moral and spiritual principles and collaboration of people in all regions can prepare for the survival during global changes. As a result, the division of people will lead to the massive destruction of these people. The survivors die of incurable diseases, epidemics, and self-destruction in the wars for the resources to support life. Problems appear quickly, causing chaos and panic. Only an advance preparation and unity of the people in front of upcoming natural danger gives humanity a greater chance to survive and overcome the difficulties during the age of the global climate changes on the planet.

We are all human beings, and we all have one residence ‒ the Earth, one nationality – humanity, one value – life, because of that we can successfully realize ourselves and bring meaning to the existence of highest spiritual and moral aspects in the society.


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