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Urgent appeal to scientists all over the world

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Urgent appeal to scientists all over the world

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Dear friends, 
We appeal to you, as to people who realize that any type of the means of science brings us closer to understanding  of the single Truth. To people, whose minds are turned to the depth and essence of everything. To whom the real science is the process of the Truth cognition but not the means to achieve power.

Many people know that the global climate changes on the Earth are mainly a derivative of astronomical processes and their cyclic recurrence. This cyclic recurrence is inevitable. The geological history of our planet shows that the Earth endured such phases of the global climate changes more than once...

In fact, mankind has less than not even 100 years, but only 50 years! We only have  several decades at most, with regard to the impending events. The release of extremely high level of additional exogenous (external) and endogenous (internal) energy has been evidenced in the past two decades by the disturbing changes of geophysical parameters of the planet, the emergence of a variety of observable anomalies, an increase in the rate and scale of extreme events, and uneven intensification of natural disasters on Earth in the atmosphere, lithosphere, and hydrosphere ...

Climate change is becoming evident and increasingly threatening. Its temporary scales undoubtedly exceed the average “political lifespan” of those individuals who make decisions regarding the safety and fate of entire nations. Today, the world policy of consumer society is losing the mask of the human face, revealing its true essence. It suffices to consider what safety measures are being taken for the nations of various countries and who really ensures their own safety, hiding behind “concern for people", as it says in the report "On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”

Many conscientious scientists can undoubtedly see all imperfections of the modern world and all frailty and precariousness of the present situation of all mankind. The world is on the verge of the global cataclysms, but there is a way out. It is described in detail in the above-mentioned Report.

We recommend that you should familiarize yourself with this report, put together by an international research team of ALLATRA SCIENCE scientists.

Every educated and intellectual mind can realize the importance and the necessity of changes in the society and take measures to properly prepare for the global climate cataclysms. We sincerely ask you not to stay indifferent to our message. The stakes are very high and each person decision to join and combine our efforts aimed at the creation is very valuable! The global cataclysms are gaining momentum, every day is important, and every second counts.

The information about the climatic situation in the world, which could lead to global cataclysms on a planetary scale, is widely disclosed on website. Today the opinion of every honest scientist is extremely valuable, the scientist who possesses the scientific facts and the proofs of seriousness of the full climatic situation on the planet. The scientist, who sees the real picture of what is happening and would like to impart it to the society. The site has a "Offer Material" button, where you can share your opinion, information, research studies on the global climate changes and cataclysms. And thereby you can make a personal contribution to warn people in advance which  will finally contribute to saving a millions of human's lives. Today, the unity of all sensible and decent people throughout the world is a vital necessity for all humanity!

History teaches us that the lack of unity of human society based on the spiritual and moral principles and lack of joint actions of people on the planet, continent, region with regard to preparation for a large-scale cataclysms and disasters lead as a result to the massive destruction of these people. And the survivors die of incurable diseases, epidemics, self-destruction in the wars and internecine wars in the fight for the sources to support life. The trouble, as a rule, appears suddenly, causing chaos and panic. Only an advance preparation and unity of the peoples of the world in front of impending natural danger gives humanity a greater chances to survive and jointly overcome the difficulties in the age connected with the global climate changes on the planet.

We are all human beings, and all of us have the same place of living ‒ the Earth, one nationality – humankind, one common value – life, thanks to which we can worthily attain self-fulfilment and the meaning of our existence in the highest spiritual and moral aspect.


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