We shall overcome global cataclysms if we are united! It is not so difficult to unite as you may imagine.

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We shall overcome global cataclysms if we are united! It is not so difficult to unite as you may imagine.

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We could overcome global cataclysms if we are United! It is not that difficult to Unite as you Could Imagine.

All of us know that any disease is easier to prevent than to treat but it is necessary to turn from everyday matters and direct our attention to those symptoms – signs of a serious disease – which our body sends us. The same situation is with our planet – our home where we observe signs around us. Enormous amount of cataclysms, non typical whether and tectonic developments all over the world, what is more their frequency and strength grows each day. In case of our planet it is necessary to turn from everyday problems to reach a real result of preventing or minimizing influence of climate changes. If we begin to act now as one team  for the remained time we could be able to prevent serious cataclysms, we can cure disease before consequences begin or at least it will not become fatal for our civilization.

“In this regard, it is extremely important to globally and quickly change the values of society from the consumer format to the spiritual,moral and creative one where good, humanity, conscience, mutual help, and the dominance of spiritual and moral foundations would stand in the first place in relationships among people, regardless of their nationality, religion, social status and other conventional and artificial divisions of the world society” (from ALLATRA SCIENCE report on climate changes).

A threat from the global cataclysms, which may result in tremendous human loss, can bring climatic changes overall. It is obvious for those people who are not blinded by a consumer mind; they don’t need any proofs to see it. However, for the rest people who are influenced by the system on the contrary such warnings are not serious, they perceive them as a deception, joke or a wish to earn power over on it. Anyway, they pay no attention to such information and it has no interest for them. It is very difficult to reach them, but  it is impossible to change this situation drastically without joint efforts of all people. Therefore, nowadays one of the key aims which stands before International Public Movement (IPM) “ALLATRA” is massive informing and attracting attention of publicity, related to problems as climate changes and promotion of spiritual and moral level of development not only of each individual but the whole society as well.

“Urgent, extraordinary measures are required, which can bring people together into a close-knit global family, for no one will be able to cope with the global challenges of the coming years alone, whether it be a person, a family, a company, a city or a country. For this purpose, ALLATRA International Public Movement was established, which is an all-people’s global movement outside of politics and outside of religion. As of today, it has already united hundreds of thousands of people from more than 200 countries of the world. All its activity is directed towards friendship and unification of people from different countries through joint projects, mutual help, and consolidation of efforts in creative deeds” (from ALLATRA SCIENCE report on climate changes).

The system is strong and does everything what it takes to prevent people from unity, starting from seeding doubts in an individual and ending by creation of informational noise to distract attention of the majority of people from really important matters. This leads to a number of difficulties in bringing information to every person living on our planet.

Such complications are caused by the essence of knowledge given in the book “AllatRa” which the system confronts. Since for those who understood this essence, it is clear that a given information should not be forced for acceptance  as any individual person is free, and has the freedom of choice. We know how hard it may be to explain a person why he should draw attention to this information, what makes it better and more interesting than other one; because it is incomprehensive and not interesting to those who have not come into a contact with the spiritual world, and who have more important matters to deal with. You might remember yourself, when your conscious resisted a sentence to read. People who at least partially realized the beauty of that wisdom and knowledge try to find like-minded individuals; in most cases when they have not found such people from the surrounding, they refer to social media and internet resources, which is quite right. But as a rule it does not move further than discussion of problems and reposts on the personal page . It is valuable and important too. Unfortunately, these problems do not move from the dead end towards solutions; of course there are people who really work for the welfare of a mankind, there would not be such websites, groups and other positive projects in the society without them, and we THANK them for that.

The problem is that these people are only a small part of those who heard. Such situation arises from a problem that not everyone is ready to take the responsibility in carrying out any socially significant projects on voluntary basis, and all particular tasks may not be delegated to everyone due to a low level of a definite knowledge and skills as well as a level of spiritual development. And people are scared because they are simply concerned about what others would say or how would look at them weirdly. They suffer and go nowhere. It is a manifestation of consciousness. Although, what would happen if everyone who has heard and understood the essence started efficient work jointly and together with the others. We have everything to realize this. Take for instance the Coordination Center of IPM “ALLATRA”. There are a lot directions and projects where any help is needed, and each person may participate according to their skills and abilities, necessity, and preferences. Simply contact and propose your help.

“With each passing day, this wave of universal unification continues to expand comprehensively on the basis of large-scale social activity of people from different countries, on the basis of the global all-people’s initiative – the ALLATRA GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT. All this is being put into practice already today by progressive, intelligent people who realize that their survival and the survival of their families depend largely already today on their ability to unite in peace with one another and withstand all the challenges of the near future together.”.

It is difficult to make the first step, difficult to start but when you do it, a path appears. The path of unity and mutual help, it is simple and complicated at the same time. By offering our help with simple tasks we let  those who lead the path concentrate their strength for the tasks that can be copied by them only. Working in the field of creative deeds we force our consciousness to serve to the spiritual world, and being on the way of serving others, even step by step but we move aside the veil of darkness. Also, who knows, perhaps our contribution will be decisive in the battle for the truth. In fact, everyone is a genius in oneself, everyone has a small part of the spiritual world, everyone can propose and realize any idea, which may drastically change the history flow; the world appears and disappears according to God’s will, and how to live in it – is the matter of each of us, any man is a free creature and he or she has a right to make his or her own choice independently.

However, if we wish to live in a beautiful world then what are we waiting for, our life will not be changed by anyone but ourselves. And if we have made our choice then why don’t we act right now? The unity is an interesting and exciting way that is full of adventures and new discoveries. It is simple and beautiful. It is more fun to serve all together besides each can contribute according to his or her individual abilities at most because he or she will not fulfil all the functions at the same time, but will concentrate upon those what is best for everyone to do.

“…Having united the scientific potential of the global society, it is possible to accelerate the study of the science that is strategically important for the survival of humanity – the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, which opens multifaceted perspectives in sciences and gives victory over any disease, the possibility to obtain the necessary energy literally out of thin air, food and water – simply from combining elementary particles. In the near future, we are talking about the creation of any living or non-living objects (which today has been confirmed by a number of successful experiments in this field). This will radically change the attitude of each person towards the very meaning of his or her life and will lead to understanding the most efficient use of it for his or her spiritual and moral transformation ” (from ALLATRA SCIENCE report on climate changes).

Sea painting

And at first we may put “navigation marks” on our everyday ways and paths. Let them dispel the darkness of delusions about upcoming and occurring cataclysms and show us the way to a true life by uniting with all peoples on our planet. Such “navigation marks” are usual notices with creative signs, templates or ready versions which everybody may download from this link (in Russian only). They are black and white and each person can practically do it. And if everyone sticks at least a hundred of them there will be a lot of them on the streets of our cities, surely it may provoke people to know and reveal where these signs appeared from and why now. You should not become a hunter for pokemons, but rather Individuals, may my great Teachers forgive me.  As this is a reality in our society. Of course it should be done in allowed places not to call complaint and negative associations of people who keep these places clean. As well they should be put in places deserving the spiritual knowledges. And by putting a small part of ourselves into this good matter, united by one aim we will see one day that a cross-road started  to shine with a light of truth.

“In simplicity He becomes apparent.

By complicating simplicity We lose Him.

Yet everything is so simple!”

Rigden Djappo (from the book “Birds and a Stone” by Anastasia Novykh)

“For vacuum of negative thoughts it is possible to create only the same vacuum of positive thoughts” (from the book “Sensei” by Anastasia Novykh).

It is essential to unite before a serious disaster shake the Earth as it will be more complicated to fulfill in panic and chaos. And the price for a delay with this in our present day will be human lives. But if we joined together the approaching cataclysms may become only an interesting challenge where our unity gets even stronger. What side should we choose: to help, prevent or do nothing? It is everyone's  right. But if we have made our choice then it is better to start acting here and now. And what will you personally choose?

Roman Mulyar

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