Great Climate Changes and Cataclysms are Coming. How can one Believe, that Solution Exists?

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Great Climate Changes and Cataclysms are Coming. How can one Believe, that Solution Exists?

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And if a person is divided within himself, then the same enmity within him will be darkness in him, and there is no peace for him. 

The Gospel of Dionysius

Temporary, illusory peace closes the understanding in our consciousness the whole seriousness of the situation. Where, peace is no longer peace. The earth is shaking, and shaking dangerously. Every day, variety of cataclysms and anomalies are happening over the whole planet.  The earth is struggling, and only a blind man can turn a blind eye from the facts. Whoever more or less observes the situation can see that something is happening with the Earth, and that “something” is very serious and frightened. 

And then another important question pops up, and especially, “Why in spite of upcoming threatening humanity destruction, we allow our consciousness to convince us in the unreality of what is happening? Why we do not believe in truth?  By the way, for those readers who does not know about false consciousness temptations, we suggest to read the series of books by Anastasia Novykh, especially the last 100 pages of the book "Allatra", that explain the solution of how to survive during the climate problems, it is like a tiger who swallowed a hedgehog. Also, for those who like to watch videos, we recommend to watch “Impending cataclysms. Relationships between people. Revival of Humaneness. The truth is one for everyone” where Igor Mikhailovich Danilov shows analogies between a personality and consciousness, it is like an observer and artists on the stage. The observer is a person. The artists represent consciousness. It is possible to spend the whole life watching the game of illusions on the stage. Otherwise, it is possible not to watch the deceitful theatre, and just go out into the open door.  Every person has a choice, who he/she wants to be. Although, that is a different conversation. Anyways, watch the program, and you won’t regret! 

Let’s go back to the question: “What makes us not believe in the truth of happening?” In our opinion, answers to those questions, are as many as there are people.  Obviously, in any case, there are some common patterns. Let us mention some of them. The majority of people see the reality but try to get away from the realities of today's day. They try to do so much, although  let’s not review everything because it will be a wasteful exercise. As a shortcut, we can express it like an ostrich hides his head in the sand. People prefer to be fulfilled with the worldly performances, just not to see the reality and something frightening. They do not realize that there is a solution. They discuss it like: “Yes I can see and know, that something abnormal and obvious is coming, but what I can do on my own?! In comparison, other choices are thoughts from the animal nature in human: “Let those who deal with them do their duty. What can you do about it, it is inevitable? At least, I could live the rest of my life for myself beloved.” All those are types of thoughts from our consciousness. 

Therefore, it is so important for people to know that there is a solution, detailed explanation is in the report of ALLATRA SCIENCE “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”,  this information needs to be spread and applied. Through explaining to others the information, we increase our chances to survive. Moreover, not only to survive but create a society, where in different  sources it might be named: “Golden decade”.

Nowadays, the majority of people know the information about 13th-decade cycle from the book by Hancock Graham, Secrets of Civilizations, where cataclysms and global climate changes are unavoidable. Besides, we have a chance to go through trials  without  sacrifices and struggles. Everything depends on how strongly united we will be. If today, we will learn to help our neighbor, then tomorrow our neighbor will help us as well. Together, we can overcome everything. Speaking of “learning” which is not right in the previous sentence, therefore, it has to be a natural habit, inherited in our human nature. Based on Marcus Aurelius quotes: “We are born for synergy, just like the feet, just like the hands, just like the eyes, just like the rows of upper and lower teeth. Working against each other is unnatural, and being annoyed and turning one’s back is counterproductive.”  Also, another quote: ”Even if you wanted, to separate your life from humanity, you can not. You live in it, for it, and because of it. We are all created for the mutual assistance, like legs, hands, and eyes”.

The problem, is that we people artificially forget about it. In the Gospel of Dionysius it is said: 

"to him who makes a border on the earth and divides people. For there are no bounds in heaven, and it ought not to be in the earth. Truly I say to you: this division is for enmity and strife the reason, whether it be division along the borders, or language, or faith, is all one!" 

However, the biggest problem is not this. The root of the problem is the lack of inner spiritual support in human. Perhaps, we will talk about it in more detail. In the article by Anastasia Novykh “Internal spiritual support” where words explains the meaning:

“The material world for a person is a game of illusions, which create conditions for his inner choice, predestining his fate after death. Everything in the material world is relative, illusory, and transient; everything has its sudden beginning and unexpected end. In fact, there is neither past, nor future for a person. There is only now, in which he asserts his choice. One has to hurry to create an inner spiritual support in oneself while one is free in one’s choice. Inner spiritual support helps a person to become his true self, to be fearless, to be constantly connected with the Spiritual world, regardless of anything external, regardless of any circumstances occurring in life. It makes a person real. It helps to reveal the substitutions of the Animal mind and its various attachments to the external temporary world. It forms a platform for creation. Thanks to it, a person becomes a pure Conductor of the Spiritual world in the material world, which allows him to convey the Truth and to sow the spiritual seeds wherever he is, whatever he does, whatever he comes into contact with. No matter what a person does in this world and who he is, he has to strive to form his inner support, the way to eternity, because life's too short. It is on this main life work that a person should concentrate his foremost attention, the rest will come and he will be given what to do and what to say when it is really necessary and important.”

Therefore, it is valuable in gaining an internal unity and reconciliation within oneself. When internally we will gain a deep peace, that gives genuine stillness we will be able to gain the greatest strength. Only, when we gain a stillness within ourselves, we will feel and acknowledge, that in the reality there is nothing to be afraid of. The unification of people, who have gained the strength – a   reliance on the inner peace, is able to overcome everything!

 “ Good thoughts combined with strong eagerness are forerunners of good deeds. Good deeds are the essence of maturing souls. Courage evokes the Power of the spirit. The Power of the spirit binds into Unity. Unity decouples the Power, the Unified Spirit changes the cycle. The general outcome depends on everyone’s efforts. Everyone’s efforts depend on the change of internal frequency. The frequency is a leap of a moment leading out of the Po boundaries.” (from the book by Anastasia Novykh, “Esoosmos”) 



Prepared by Dzhamal Magomedov

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