Climate Change and Population Migration. Staying a Human.

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Climate Change and Population Migration. Staying a Human.

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Through observation of the events occurring both in the geopolitical arena, and behind climate change on the global scale, there has been an inner desire and need to share the experience of migrant-traveler gained over the past two years.

It is not a secret, that every 13,000 years a shift of the Earth poles occurs, resulting in climate changes and habitual living conditions for people who inhabit the planet. Also, it is evidenced by the monumental structures that survived from the previous civilizations. There are many scientific studies and books, for example: the books by Graham Hancock.

 Reviewing the cataclysms statistics and learning the facts of modern migration processes, related to the geopolitical situation, and those challenges faced by both host party and the immigrants themselves, a typical question arises:” Is humanity ready to pass the stage of challenges linked with massive migration of population, due to the climate changing conditions, and possible global disasters?” The question is not simple, and even now it is hard for the consciousness to believe what can happen: “Because everything seems calm, quiet…..Everything is working out. It can not happen that everything will change drastically in a second. Yes, even if it happens, then we won’t be touched…” Such thoughts come to everyone’s mind, if we are honest, and observe them in ourselves.

Who would've thought that refugees and migrating residents in a year, two, and even month would realize that life can change completely? Can everything become different, change from upside down? Even, when the situation strained to the limits, the consciousness refuses to believe, until the end that something serious can happen. That is the way consciousness works, it can resist in the perception of obvious important events, and at the same time- be interested in the results of small vanity problems. The main principles about the consciousness work was well known from ancient times: 

Septon feld (the Animal Mind) - is the highest by the organization self-conscious intelligent structure of matter, which perceives itself as "living in the real world." It was mentioned since the most ancient times as the all-pervading force which originates in the material world, as its Higher intelligence, as a kind of pervasive, dominating in this material world Principle (the Animal mind ) which is opposite in functions to the spiritual world. And the human consciousness was mentioned as a material part of this intelligent structure, which was opposed to the non-material part oF the person ‒ to the spiritual nature (the soul).

Since ancient times in human society there was a knowledge of the existence of power (demonic essence) which was intelligent and to a great extent exceeded human abilities in the material world, but it was insignificant compared to the forces of the spiritual world. In extreme antiquity people knew that nature isn't a dead object. Along with the concepts of the main sense of human existence –the spiritual life, the soul, its independence from the body, the rebirth of the soul, people knew also about life and the material world order, they knew that every natural phenomenon is produced by the force, which is inherent to the entire matter (Note: by septon feld). They called some of its manifestations "spirits" (the invisible forces of the world) and they had an understanding that all surrounding objects of nature have supernatural doubles (Note: any object in a material world has its own septon feld) (The report "PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS") 

Through the observation of the consciousness work, possibly to note, that for lack of its control, the thoughts come, directed to a separation of  individual, the personality from the whole community, division, splitting up and defending selfish desires of individual, even to the  detriment of the whole society. It is not logical in terms of the society losing, while each defending their own mercantile interests. However, that is the way common field of consciousness works. Because of that human has to work on himself, monitor, and do not let thoughts that destroy the personality, but strive for unity and cooperation through the conscious choice. 

I want to share the example of unity and cooperation, that I faced in life.

In the summer of 2014, after leaving the county for the trip, two weeks later I got a message from relatives that I could not return- the roads were closed, there was no entrance. I knew that I would not be able to go back to the native places in the nearest future, maybe even never come back. I had a passport, not a lot of cash, a backpack with clothes, enthusiasm, and quite peaceful happiness from the upcoming adventures. All is left behind: work, vanity, and etc. New opportunities were opening with knowledge of the world, and myself in this world.

From what inspired and impressed- it’s responsiveness, cordiality, willingness to help, understanding, and kindness of people, who did not know anything about me, at all. There were very kind and responsive drivers, with whom I drove thousands of mileages, people from all over the world, with whom I meet at the festivals.  I felt unity, support, as if one large family were taking care about its member who was in trouble. People invited me to live with them, stay, and offered help in getting a job and truly were helping with full support. Of course, I could not feel less accepted and lost with them. I had the internal inspiration that drove me forward in life.
I stayed in different countries, different cities, as with old friends (whom I "accidentally" met in the Crimea two years before the events described), as well as with new ones whom I  met on a trip. It is interesting that even the neighbors and acquaintances of the supporting people were eager to support everything. Once again I was convinced that it is natural for each person to do good deeds, this is potentially inherent in us from the very beginning. Surprisingly, that there was no fear, homesickness. Because the house- is where I am. The peace of mind comes from a source that is inside and strengthened by a constant work on oneself. Therefore, people become one family by uniting and helping each other.

During adventures, I tried to be fully useful to people through at least  useful work, housework, and so on, and at least less disturbing to people who welcomed me. People returned kindness for kindness. 

The true desire and need in good deeds results from understanding and feeling of oneness with other people, the realization that by helping others we improve the development conditions not only for the person we are helping, but for ourselves as a part of a single family on the planet. The majority of kind deeds and sincere actions stimulate towards a rapid transformation, as well as a development of the entire society on the principles of spirituality, morality, and mutual assistance. 

Nowadays it is important for every person to observe and analyze the processes already taking place in the life of the planet and population, to understand the challenges that humanity can face in the nearest future, to realize responsibility for personal choice and contribution to the common cause of the development and the transformation of civilization as a single evolving organism.

Based on the book by Anastasia Novykh “AllatRa, the paragraph below relates to our topic:

"Rigden: Yes, unless the society changes, mankind simply will not survive. During the time of global change, people, because of an aggressive activation of the Animal nature (which obeys the general Animal mind), like any other intelligent matter, will simply be fighting alone for survival on their own. That is, nations will be destroying one another, and those who survive will be destroyed by nature itself. It is only possible to survive the coming cataclysms if the whole humanity unites and the society transforms in the spiritual sense. If people are jointly able to change the direction of movement of the international community from the consumer channel towards the true spiritual development, with the domination of the Spiritual nature in it, then the mankind will have a chance to survive this period. What is more, both the society and future generations will be able to reach an entirely new stage of its development. But nowadays this depends on the real choices and actions of each person! Most importantly, many intelligent people of the planet understand this, they see the impending disaster and the collapse of society, but they do not know how to withstand all this and what to do.

Anastasia: What needs to be done in order to change the society here and now? Where do we start? 
Rigden: Start with the simple, start with yourself. When a person understands the meaning of his life and the meaning of spiritual development, he will qualitatively change himself. And if this knowledge is available to many people on Earth, then the society as a whole will change sooner or later and, therefore, the vector of movement of the human civilization as a whole will be entirely different."

Prepared by Aleksandr Z. (Ukraine) 

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