The world is on the edge of global cataclysms. What to do if the trouble has come? Action plan.

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ABSTRACT: The action plan in case of an "X" hour. What to do if you have suddenly to accept refugees in the territory where you live? In this case it is necessary to handle the situation, otherwise, the consequences will be sad both for you and for those who have lost their houses. You are given the chance to prove to yourself that you are a human and it is important not to miss it.  

The world is on the edge of global cataclysms. What to do if the trouble has come? Action plan.

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If you stop lying to yourself and look at the situation happening on the Earth sensibly, it becomes obvious that the situation concerning the climate is critical. As a confirmation to that, there is the report "On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve these Problems", and also a series of programs - "The coming cataclysms. Relations between people. Revival of humaneness. The Truth is One for Everybody". Everyone chooses to believe or not to believe, try to change the situation or to leave everything as it is. Everyone decides on his or her own.

Whatever climate changes happen, the main threat to the humanity as a civilization is still the lack of the spiritual and moral development. Simply saying, we are mostly not ready to handle difficult situations and frankly speaking we do not understand how and why to help the needy people or we cannot accept that help adequately only hoping for the government to solve all the problems. But we forget that the government itself consists of the same people who will firstly take care of themselves, their families and of the possible way of maintaining their power and not for the salvation of the whole society. And it means that if people want to live and to survive, they must begin to unite themselves and not to wait for the instructions. That is what is proposed in the above-mentioned report.

“Urgent, extraordinary measures are required, which can bring people together into a close-knit global family, for no one will be able to cope with the global challenges of the coming years alone, whether it be a person, a family, a company, a city or a country. For this purpose, ALLATRA International Public Movement was established, which is an all-people’s global movement outside of politics and outside of religion. As of today, it has already united hundreds of thousands of people from more than 200 countries of the world. All its activity is directed towards friendship and unification of people from different countries through joint projects, mutual help, and consolidation of efforts in creative deeds. All that divides people must be excluded; we must seek all that unites people and makes them more humane in all aspects. Only inhuman monsters can oppose such a universal unification, which is truly all-people’s, and close-knit friendship among the peoples of the world.”

Looking through the comments to the articles which are directed to informing the society about the coming disasters, the problems associated with them and the unification of the society, we noticed a tendency that many people understand and realize the seriousness of the information and the need for specific actions. We need to have a general understanding of how to behave ourselves. But there is a problem in undertaking certain steps and in finding the solution in case the disaster is already there.  People do not have a specific plan of action in such cases, except for the ones that are shown in the disaster movies, where everything is fallen apart and everyone dies but for the elite and its servants. Therefore there is a need to respond to it, being guided by the spiritual concept offered in Anastasia Novykh's books as well as by personal experience.

So, let's imagine that an "X" event already happened and as a consequence of it the refugees will soon direct to your house.   You realize that it makes no sense to rely on the government because it will either resign its authority or will take care of itself or will simply not be effective. In this case it is necessary to take the situation into your own hands; otherwise, the consequences will be sad both for you and for those who have lost their houses. So, you are given a chance to prove to yourself that you are a human, and it is important not to miss it. 

"It is necessary to solve the problems certainly but not to make them the meaning of your existence. And the main thing is that whatever happens and however hard the problems attack you, it is always important to remain a Human. Because every problem in life is, first of all, nothing but a test" (from the book "Birds and a Stone" by Anastasia Novykh).

We are all human beings, and all of us have the same place of living ‒ the Earth, one nationality – mankind, one common value – life, thanks to which we can worthily attain self-fulfillment and the meaning of our existence in the highest spiritual and moral aspect.

And here are, in fact, our initial steps for that.

  1. It is important to realize that the disaster has already happened, and we are already in this situation and it is not that important anymore whose fault was that. It is not an accident that we got in it but a mere consequence of our choice from the past. It is important to get out of this situation and it is necessary and vital to concentrate all our efforts on it.
  2. We need to understand that one will hardly be able to get out of it himself or herself. One cannot grow wheat, produce coal,  run a household,  make tools of labor, cook food simultaneously, and it is all that at the time when everything around is falling apart and the disasters are extremely unfriendly to you. (Although some people will not consider it as an action but when one encounters with the knowledge of PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS, he gains the understanding of the importance of invisible internal processes that take place in each of us, since they are the exact causes of our actions in the outer world).
  3. And now it is necessary not to give into panic. As what you have understood it only frightens, it is a sweet dream in which you stayed all this time and now it turns into a nightmare and tries to finish. Panic will lead to tragic consequences, and its absence - to concrete results. 
  4. We all communicate with someone, we are making friends, and we are working. These are the people that have different professions, age and social statuses. The refugees will get to their houses as well as to yours really soon. So you need to call anyone you know or knew once and the relationship that you were in with them before does not matter anymore. It was in another life.  Every such call can save someone's life. And this life can turn to be yours.
  5. Share with them what you already know. Also inform them about the simple idea that if you do not unite and organize worthy and correct reception of refugees if do not provide them with food, housing and other necessities, many of them will not be able to survive. As the first Foundation of ALLATRA says:
    “The highest value in this world is human life. It is necessary to protect the life of any person as your own, for although life is fleeting, it gives everyone a chance to increase their main value: the inner spiritual riches, which are the only things that allow the personality to achieve true spiritual immortality.” If this argument is unfortunately not clear enough for someone, there is another one: if we do not provide people with the necessities and do not help them, they will have to help them themselves and they will get it by force. There are already bright examples which prove that it does not lead to anything good.
  6. At this stage, it is important to inform your acquaintances and relatives that if we all unite, the situation will turn to be not so critical. Together we are a power which is able to change everything to the best if we want it.

    "Good thoughts with a strong desire – are the messengers of good deeds. Good deeds are the essence of the maturing souls.  The Courage gives birth to the Strength of the Spirit. The Strength of the Spirit brings to the Unity. The unity multiplies the Strength, and the Unified Spirit changes a cycle. The general result depends on everyone's effort. And everyone's effort depends on internal frequency change. The frequency is the jump of a moment that takes beyond the limits of Po”.

    “There is nothing impossible for the one who stays in God's reality”  (from the book "Ezoosmos" by Anastasia Novykh).

  7. Initially, it is necessary to resolve the problem of the accommodation. Many of us have empty apartments, cottages or a spare room.  There are some establishments, buildings in the city which can possibly be accommodated for residing of those people.
  8. Most likely many people will need medical care, medications and a simple care. And we cannot do without the doctors who are willing to treat free of charge giving the medications or without the help of the people who will take care of the patients. But they will have to live somewhere and to eat something. They will need to keep the equipment and take the medication from somewhere. Here we will need the principle that says "The human takes care of the society, and the society cares about the human ". And here we cannot do without the unification of all people; we cannot do without the abolition of the consumer system.  

    “...No one is immune to all sorts of growing risks, and any of us can become a climate refugee already tomorrow. In this regard, it is extremely important to globally and quickly change the values of society from the consumer format to the spiritual, moral and creative one, where good, humanity, conscience, mutual help, friendship, and the dominance of spiritual and moral foundations would stand in the first place in relationships among people, regardless of their nationality, religion, social status and other conventional and artificial divisions of the world society. When all people strive to create life that is convenient for all others, then in this life they will preserve themselves and their future...”

  9. The same situation is with the food. The food producers also need supplies, expendable materials, equipment and many other stuff as in any profession.  And if we manage to arrange the combination of all resources, then the success will be inevitable. For those who say that everything belongs to the elite and hence he would not be willing to provide funding, here is a question: Does the elite work in those factories, package production, carry or punish for not doing the work properly? No, we carry it ourselves, we produce it and we punish ourselves following the orders of the system. 
    So maybe we need to carry it to the direction we need, to produce whatever is necessary and to punish for what is not worthy, instead of doing what is favorable to someone who has forgotten that he is a human? But here it is important to remember that we need a coordination and coherence of actions, otherwise nothing will work out and the system will keep on separating everyone as it used to do earlier. 
  10. At the first stage, it would be enough if everyone tries to bring as much food as he or she can afford. The same way should be done with the clothing, with the hygiene, bedding, and toys for children. Available living accommodation for people's comfortable stay should be prepared through united efforts. 
  11.  It is natural that the arrived people need to be welcomed as much cordially as possible since they have endured and suffered a lot. As for the law enforcement officers, they have to make the account and the monitoring of resettlement, as unfortunately not all people are educated and it concerns to the both sides. Everyone may get injured: doesn't matter if it is those who accept or those who arrive.
  12.  It is necessary to begin the socialization of those who arrived in the shortest amount of time by constant communication and interaction between the peoples at the level of families and individuals. Because it is not a fact that we will speak the same language. The promotion of moral values in this new society is also very important since the unification occurs only internally.
  13. When the first difficulties are already behind, the people are accommodated, fed, shod and dressed, there comes another question: what is next? They cannot be simply supported at your own expenses. Here the level of education and the dignity of the refugees as well as their willingness to thank and to help their saviors and themselves starts to play a great role. It is necessary to carry out the greatest possible scale of production by the means of general cooperation and harmonious interaction, taking into account the specialization of the region and the arrived people. (It is natural that initially, it is important to ensure food security. The second or the parallel step is the construction of new housing for arrived people, as well as the enlargement in the volume of production of medications. Another important sphere of production is that of footwear and clothes). It is not as difficult as it seems to be. You can just invite an additional worker or two to that place you work. And if everyone does that and those who are invited will agree on that, then we will solve a lot of problems concerning the problems of providing and the problems of socialization with only such simple maneuver.
  14. Those who appeared to be in the role of a refugee, we would like to say that even though your situation is more sorrowful than that of the hosting side,  you should not forget that their situation got worse. So accept the help adequately, help those who need it and do not rely only on those who are helping you. Help them too, since it is your new family, your new home. Show yourself from your best sides and your strength will be increased tenfold. "Prove to God that you are a Human, and God will have faith in you..." ("Birds and a Stone", Anastasia Novykh)

So, let's first prove to ourselves that we deserve to be called the word "Human".  Everything is simple, we only need to lend a helping hand to those who need it. 

"Everything in this world is for a reason. If the destiny has brought you on this place where you are now, so it is necessary for something. And, first of all, it is necessary for you to understand something and realize it. And to ennoble the inner world, it is necessary just to refuse the evil, complex of consciousness in matter; to take a fresh look at oneself and at the world around. What is the past? Illusion of bygone days. And what is the future? Illusion of phantom thoughts. Then what is life actually? It is a present moment in which the person lives here and now" (from the book “The Crossroad” by Anastasia Novykh)

Article prepared by Roman Mulyar

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