Unity of people is the foundation for survival during global climate change on Earth

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Unity of people is the foundation for survival during global climate change on Earth

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Each of us interacts with the environment constantly. We live in accordance with natural, daily and annual rhythms. We react to the temperature, pressure, and humidity changes. Some people are more weather-dependent, and any changes in weather conditions have a great impact on their health. Even those people, who are not so sensitive to the weather whims, note that the climate of only 20-30 years ago was much quieter than it is today.

And in fact, if we analyze the statistics of the climate change, it becomes clear that the number of climatic disasters and catastrophes has increased markedly.

According to the recent data since the beginning of the 80s of the last century, the number of climatic disasters has tripled. If the number of climate disasters in 1980 was 133, then according to the meteorological statistics in recent years it has reached about 350. And it has nothing to do with the improvement of journalists’ work or population increase, according to Steve Jennings, author of the Oxfam study. According to International Red Cross Society's information, more than 300 million people suffered from 300 disasters in 2013 alone. And it's happening now, in our time.

Assessing the climatic situation in the real world, it becomes clear that due to impending serious problems, especially in the North American continent, we are talking about hundreds of millions of climate refugees.

From the report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”

 “A thorough analysis of the growing number of natural disasters and extreme weather events around the world, as well as statistical factors of cosmic and geophysical parameters in the recent years, has shown a disturbing tendency towards their significant increase over a short period of time. This data indicates that the assumptions which were put forward by a number of scientists about the gradual nature of climate change of the Earth within 100 years and more are incorrect, as in fact, this process is much more dynamic.” 

Prediction of the exact dates of disasters to warn the population of upcoming cataclysms in advance is not sufficiently developed by the official science today. Most predictions have the character of "guess-works". And people in control of any country are not always interested in a speedy notification to warn the population if there is such an opportunity.

You shouldn’t sit and wait when someone somewhere will analyze the situation in the world and take the necessary safety measures for us.  History shows that politicians and priests are saving themselves and their families first, and do not care about saving lives of their people.

If we do not unite the whole world into the one big and close-knit family today, tomorrow may never come. The problem is that the global climate catastrophe can descend suddenly, at the most inopportune time for this, as they say, "according to the Sod’s law". If you do not prepare for it now, then it will be too late. Predominant habits would work in a person in conditions of chaos.

What does this preparation mean? At the moment, the vast majority of the population is dominated by consumer format of thinking. What does this mean? It’s simple: a person was accustomed to taking and enjoying life to the full, and giving absolutely nothing in return. Imagine for a moment, how a person  trapped in a catastrophe situation would behave. All the forces and energy will be thrown to the saving of his own skin, at best – to the saving of his family. Many people would say that this is normal. But with the lack of drinking water, food and shelter, it would be war instead of mutual aid, a war for a piece of bread of the local or even global scale, it is a certain death for the majority of people or even all of the society, which means that civilization will cease to exist rather quickly.

It is hard to miss that the really serious problems are approaching now. There is only one way out. Today it is necessary to get rid of hatred for other people, regardless of any religious or social affiliation. You should finally realize that your neighbor, a friend, a brother or a stranger is the same as you are. Yes, he has character flaws, but who does not? All of us are not perfect, and almost everyone is trying to change his environment without changing himself for the better. But what can we ourselves teach another person, if we ourselves do not possess the qualities that we teach?

From the book “AllatRa”:

“And such people are many. I would compare them to fishermen who went to the middle of the river in the winter because of a misunderstanding and fell through the ice. The sinking fishermen is the state of the modern mankind. At the same time, many people, while going to the bottom and not even making attempts to save themselves, foolishly waste energy and time thinking about how they will be saving others. But how can someone who is drowning himself save others? After all, in order to save someone, you must first of all get to the ice, and even better to the shore, and then save the rest. The gist of the Truth is simple: save yourself first before saving others.”

As the Leopold the Cat said in one famous cartoon, "Let's live in peace and friendship!" He was talking precisely about our time when we really need to unite in order to survive in the upcoming challenges which the mankind is facing. And you need to start with yourself - begin to live in a harmony with yourself and transfer this harmony to your environment. the So let's live in peace and friendship!

Prepared by: Sergey (Belarus)

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