"Kindness is the most important virtue" Mrs. Anamika Bharti, art historian, diplomat. Interview

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Today we are honored to have a sincere conversation with Mrs. Anamika Bharti, Spouse of H.E. Mrs. Manoj Kumar Bharti, Ambassador of India to Ukraine. Ms. Bharti, as an art historian and diplomat with experience of living in seven countries, shared with the ALLATRA TV pearls of inspirational Indian wisdom, the meaning of symbols and signs in art and architecture, as well as a deep understanding of common universal grains that unite people around the world.

"To grow as a society, to grow as a person, we should not look into differences, but we should look into similarities", - Mrs. Bharti emphasized. The collective of ALLATRA TV expresses gratitude to Mrs. Anamika Bharti and all her helpers and friends for the warm welcome at the residence and for the deep, interesting communication!

Within the framework of the "UNIVERSAL GRAIN" project, ALLATRA TV had an interesting conversation about Indian philosophy, science and the spiritual values of society with H.E. Mr. Manoj Kumar Bharti, Ambassador of India to Ukraine: 

Thousands of people from different countries of the world take part in "THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN" project of ALLATRA International Public Movement. An explanatory video of “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN” project:

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