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IT IS COMING. СЕ ГРЯДЁТ. English version

Participants of the programme: Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, Igor Vladimirovich Naumets, Anna Dubrovskaya, Andrei Kovtunov 

The inevitability of the serious upcoming climate changes, the global nature, and magnitude of which one can see today over the whole planet, make everyone face the necessity of the personal choice. Already in the nearest future, THIS will concern everyone. The unknown history of the past, knowledge of which gives an understanding of the tomorrow (the cycle is repeating itself). 

International initiatives of the “ALLATRA” Public Movement. “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN” project is a common cause, which continues to unite a lot of people on the planet, regardless of their nationality and religion. Informing people about those upcoming catastrophic natural processes which in the nearest future will become a reality for certain countries and continents.

What have you done today so that you and your near and dear ones have a chance to survive tomorrow? 

The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”

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Michel Waters
Michel Waters #

Regarding the English translation of "ITS COMING" video: the term "consciousness" is used to mean "self-aware consciousness" or "body-mind-identified consciousness" or "separate-ego bound consciousness". However in English "consciousness" is also used to mean "always-already unified awareness" and "emotional awareness" without body-mind identification. That is what the video translates as "LOVE" in English. That can be expanded in English to "The Prior Unified Field of LOVE" per Santosha Ma, or the videos and teachings of Adi Da Shamraj or the core esoteric experience of the ecstatic conscious bright source of existence in all the great spiritual traditions on earth. This can awaken as just "Love" feeling experience in relation to everyone and the whole universe. And, it can expand to outshine all arising experience. There is no substitute for this experience. Therefore i thank you for asking people to let go and relax their fear-based hold on their body-mind self-awareness in order to turn to each other in recognition of the (a-priori) Prior Unified Field of Love we are all arising within. Please add English modifiers of "ego consciousness" or "body-mind Identified consciousness" or 'self-focused consciousness" instead of just "consciousness". And "Love" as consciousness awakened beyond self. Also note the difference between consciousness" and "attention" or the focus-content of consciousness. These are subtle but important differences for translation. I Love what you are doing and keep up operating by people using their own resources. The regenerative principle of living-systems operates by internal self-reliance empowering social mutual support. Swarm intelligence emerges out of social mutual support of group learning to cope with environment. Outside funding interferes with this by imposing agendas that use group for funder's purpose.