Etymology of the Word Choice. From the Video The Universal Grain. The Choice on ALLATRA TV

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While reading the book AllatRa, we noticed that the etymology of words reveals their true meaning. What is etymology?
Etymology is the science that studies the root of words, their origin, and their real meaning.

Thorough analysis of the root of this word, shades of its meaning, and ways of its transformation really gives an understanding of the meaning which people put into, for instance, the word choice millennia ago.

“Languages change with our consciousness, but the roots leave their essence.”
Alexander Varpetian (ethnologist, philosopher, writer). 
 “There’s a tendency as we go back in time that the languages of various cultures become more similar. A feature of language called ultraconserved words and that’s the idea that words that are very significant to a language can stay in the language for a very long time. And that comes down to the root phonetics, to a single syllable. If single syllables were associated with cosmological concepts it’s symbolism.”
Laird Scranton (an independent researcher of ancient cosmology and language).
In this fragment of The Universal Grain video, the meaning of the word Choice is revealed - in the Proto-Slavic (to undertake, to connect, the one that has will, free), Proto-Indo-European (I lead, I carry, content, birth, to taste), Old French (to distinguish, discern; perceive, see), Proto-Germanic (to choose), Gothic (to taste, try), Parthian, Albanian, and Indo-Iranian languages (to love). Based on the knowledge given in the books by Anastasia Novykh and in the programmes with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, you really begin to understand the entire significance and importance of the word choice. That is, what I choose, what I pay attention to is exactly what emerges and precisely what I carry in myself.


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