Understanding Indian Philosophy Through Modern Science. Presentation of the book by H.E. Manoj Bharti

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Today ALLATRA TV and GOOD NEWS are attending the ceremony of presentation of a new book by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of India to Ukraine Manoj Kumar Bharti.

At the media center of the Directorate General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions,  there gathered an attentive and interested audience: representatives of diplomatic missions, science, art, participants of ALLATRA TV from different countries of the world: New Zealand, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia...

Mr. Ambassador has shared his story of seeking the answers to the life’s major questions.

In Mr. Bharti's book “Understanding Indian Philosophy Through Modern Science”, physics is closely intertwined with the concept of ancient knowledge reflected in the Indian culture.

The meeting took place in an atmosphere of mutual learning, enthusiasm, and sincere cordiality.

The collective of ALLATRA TV expresses gratitude to H.E. Mr. Manoj Bharti, all his assistants and guests for the interesting meeting and conversation!

Within the framework of the "UNIVERSAL GRAIN" project, ALLATRA TV had an interesting conversation about Indian philosophy, science and the spiritual values of society with H.E. Mr. Manoj Kumar Bharti, Ambassador of India to Ukraine: 

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