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All of us get used to standing on a firm ground. But have you ever thought what is that “earth” which we walk every day? The cases of earthquakes, collapses and landslides and volcano eruptions on our planet that have noticeably increased in frequency for some time passed, and most importantly, the consequences of such events encounter the corresponding thoughts. After all, the thickness of lithosphere (a solid cover of the Earth where we dwell) on the flat areas of land varies at average from 30 to 40 km, whereas the radius of the whole Earth reaches 6377 km. It can be compared with the thickness of the soap bubble pellicle with respect to its entire size. The position of the Earth inhabitants in this case looks quite precarious - by essence, we are all the hostages of the will of powerful forces of nature, hiding in the bowels of our planet. In today’s tense climatic situation such circumstances definitely should not be ignored. That is why in this column we will publish news on a various processes connected with the activity in the lithosphere of the Earth: earthquakes, volcano eruptions , breaks in the earth’s crust, collapses, landslides and avalanches and so on, in order to help people in seeing the full picture of the climate changes taking place today globally.

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