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Ocean Surface Temperature

Surface waters of the oceans have different temperature, and are divided in accordance with the geographic latitude. This is due to a different quantity of heat coming from the Sun. One can clearly observe the highest values ​​of temperature (+28-29 °C) at the equator and its decrease when approaching the poles. The proximity of the cold of Antarctica affects the speed of temperature decline. The decline happens much faster to the south than to the north.

Currents also exert a significant influence on the temperature of the ocean waters. From the equator, warm currents bear away waters in the direction of moderate latitudes. This factor contributes to more uniform distribution of temperatures in all water masses.

The average temperature of the surface waters of the World ocean is 17.5 °C, it is with regard to the fact that the highest temperature of water surface is measured in the Pacific Ocean (19.4 °C), and the lowest is in the Arctic Ocean (just above 1 °C).

Ocean Surface Temperature