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"When the Sun will rise in the West"...or Dzhanibecov effect and the Earth's climate

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ABSTRACT: The changes in the planetary scale take place at a frequency of 13,000 years, and judging by the observations and information from the books by Anastasia Novykh, we live during the final period of such a cycle - during the Crossroads. Each time global cataclysms accompanied such a transition period, caused both by planetary and space based processes.

"When the Sun will rise in the West"...or Dzhanibecov effect and the Earth's climate

"It seems to me that man has not only changed the climate of the planet,
But also did something with time. Didn't you notice?
Now ten years pass as before three ".

Robert De Niro

The slight frost tingles the cheeks, the bright February sun shines with dazzling reflections on the white snow, and we, the crowd of happy school boys, sled along the steep snowy slopes to the thick ice of the frozen park pond. These are my memories of the Leningrad winters of the 70s of the past XX century. When schoolchildren were already my children, their memory of frosty winters was interrupted by periods of absolutely snow-less bare winters, when sometimes in February rubber boots had to be worn instead of winter fur shoes, and the ski kit for walks along the snowy forest remained unrequited because of Absence of snow. As for the winters of the last decade, the warm, snowless winters have so spoiled both the residents of St. Petersburg and our "valiant" communal services, that when in December 2009 (in the first calendar month of winter!) Snow fell - it was for our northern city a natural disaster. And now, again for four consecutive years, winters in their weather are more like a tearful lingering autumn.

"Think!" - Perhaps, says the Attentive Reader, - "This has happened before.For example, in the XIX century  A.S. Pushkin himself wrote in the unforgettable poem "Eugene Onegin":

That year the autumn weather
It was a long time in the yard,

The nature waited, waited for a winter
Snow fell only in January.


Well, I must agree, the thought of these seasonal whims of our seaside city, for the time being, lulled me. But suddenly...

Well, I will start in order with the facts, in the sequence in which they overtook myself. Let's start with ... Antarctica! 

"Scientists who carried out the drilling near the coast of Antarctica made an amazing discovery that will help to predict the future of our planet - .... on this icy continent, the temperature at which was about 20 degrees Celsius, forests grew, "like tropics." Source

Tropics in Antarctica have not bothered me much since long time ago - everyone knows that the continents move along with the tectonic plates, even though they move slowly, and - "Could Antarctica have drifted quietly for millions of years from warm seas to cold latitudes,"- I was thinking frantically. However, the following information showed my naivety and made me reflect on the climate much more seriously.

During the fifth expedition of the "Soyuz T-13" spacecraft and the "Salyut-7" orbital station (from June 6 to September 26, 1985). Vladimir Dzhanibekov noticed an unusual and, as it were, unknown to modern mechanics and aerodynamics the effect characteristic for weightlessness.

While he was busy unloading the transported ship, Vladimir Dzhanibekov twisted his finger on one of the fastening tab nuts, which fastened ribbons holding containers for packing things sent to space.

Usually, the tab nut was got twisted from a double bolt and flew on, and Vladimir caught it and hid it in his pocket. However, one day the astronaut did not manage to catch the nut, therefore, to his great amazement, it flew about 40 centimeters, and then suddenly turned 180 degrees across the axis of its rotation and flew farther, rotating in the same direction, but by another pole, and after about 40 more centimeters the nut turned over again. This phenomenon was so interesting to the astronaut that he installed the nut back and again twisted it. The result was the same!

After a bit of confusion in the academic circles, it became apparent that it was possible to explain the effect of Dzhanibekov with the help of classical mechanics. The essence of the phenomenon lies in the fact that a body that rotates freely in zero gravity has VARIOUS moments of inertia, impulses and initial speeds of rotation relative to different axes of rotation. The fact is that when you untwist the nut, it's hard to give it a strict rotation only on one axis. There will necessarily be a minimum momentum imparted to the body directed relative to the other axis. Gradually, this impulse accumulates and outweighs the axial rotation of the body (tab nut). Thus, the body first rotates around one axis; then this axis suddenly turns over in the opposite direction. There is a somersault, but the body continues to rotate in the same direction as before the overturn. After the same time, the axis again turns over, returning to its former position, and the body again rotates as in the beginning. This cycle can be repeated many times.

And here then unpleasant analogies come to mind with our Earth rotating in weightlessness. "But the effect of a regular cyclic reversal of poles in a body rotating in zero gravity only affects bodies with an unstable center of gravity, what does this have to do with our Earth?" -The Attentive Reader will ask. However, forgive me, what stable center of gravity can we speak of in our planet?

Probably, each of us at least once tried to twist on the table a raw or boiled egg - the difference is visible right away. Our Earth is a relatively small solid core floating in a thick layer of liquid magma and a not too thick layer of solid lithosphere three-quarters covered with oceans, and hence again with fluid. That is a kind of huge ball the size of a planet, mainly consisting of substances in the liquid phase, where there is simply nowhere to take a rigid center of gravity. It is quite natural to assume that it is the Dzhanibekov effect that is one of the main reasons for interesting finds in Antarctica, which actually could have appeared in the tropics at the time of the next revolution of  Earth.

Well, one more thing from the reality of our already - XXI century ...

The Greenlandic city of Ilulissat, with a population of 4,500 inhabitants, became known throughout the world as an unusual phenomenon of astronomically "improper" sunrise. The sunrise occurred two days before the fixed period from time immemorial (after the polar night). Among the scientific community, this event caused great confusion. Explanations of this phenomenon were not found at once, and incredible and ridiculous statements disseminated among scientists. What are the facts? Residents of Ilulissat met the dawn on January 11, 2011, without waiting for it. According to the traditional terms of the end of the polar night, the sun should appear not earlier than January 13. Below is the table of sunsets and sunrises for coordinates W051 06, N69 13:

 As it can be seen from the table taken on the site Astronomical Applications Department, in reality, the sunrise was expected to be only on January 13, and the sun took the inhabitants of  Ilulissat  unawares.At the same time, 4,500 residents of the city confirmed the appearance of the sun two days before the fixed time -on January 11. What happened in nature, what caused the sun to rise earlier than necessary? Source







Or here are some more stories from the numerous list of testimonies:

"... many people notice that the Sun is located for a day too far in the south or the north. The fact that the Sun is much more southerly was recently reported on message boards, in which many people from the USA said the same deviation from the norm during their sunrise. Earthly vibration, forming a figure in the shape of 8, placed the Sun much further to the south."

"I did not believe the conversations that the Sun is out of place. Now I believe. This morning I went out to see, and the Sun rises in the South-East. My house faces the South. Every morning for many years, we drink coffee with a friend on my covered back terrace, which faces the North. Every morning in the summer or the winter, we had to rearrange our chairs, because the sun was getting higher because it would shine in our face. I went out to see. It was not even close to the place where it used to be and it did not illuminate my terrace. I walked around the house. Eventually, it was in the South-East. The rays of the sun shine through my front door. I'm in shock."

That's for sure. I have been living in this house for 23 years. I am an inveterate observer of the moon and the sun, and never the Sun was so much to the south in the eastern sky. I mentioned this many times over the past month to my husband."

"In the most recent years, I find it in a place in which he had never been in its life. It is not at all difficult since I sit in the same place in the kitchen at the same time in the morning for the last 14 years. Whatever it may be, or what is the reason for it, it is definitely for some reason ignored by the mainstream media. I wonder what kind of idea it is."

"I was also a skeptic. But now I know for sure that it has shifted. I noticed this when I went to work at the same time as every morning for 25 years, on the same highway. At this very time of the year, to me, going to work, the Sun must blind my eyes. Now it rises several degrees to the south. To whom do you believe? To those who say that this is not true or that your eyes are lying?" 

"Observations in Moscow 10.06.2009 (on June 10, 2009): The sun begins to rise at 03.45 (dark at 22.45 - night lasts only 5 hours) almost in the North (!). It rises above the horizon and moves to the East, by eight it reaches the East and only then it starts to grow.

Here it is sunrise over Moscow: if you orient the Luzhniki on the map (on the main arena), you will get north-north-east. The summer night of June is 6 hours, so the Sun should rise in the northeast (at 45 °), but the duration of the night turned out to be one hour less, so the angle of deviation from the north decreased to 37.5 ° (rough estimate, of course). It is approximately the displacement to the north at 8 °, which I observed from my window and which the photo fixed." Source

Thus, it turns out that since 2004 the Oscillation of the Earth Axis has appeared. The axis of rotation of the Earth describes a sort of eight with an increasing scope over the years. That is why the regular places of sunrise and sunset for many observant inhabitants of villages and cities are changing. That's why weather changes from year to year are becoming more extreme.

Herodotus has a mention that long before the Flood the sun came from the west, and just before the Flood it came from the east, in the Koran it is said that the moment from which repentance would not be accepted and the faith  would not help to the ones who accepted it when the sun will come out from the west. The fact that these phenomena are periodic becomes apparent from the Dzhanibekov effect, and it is understandable that the smaller the size, the speed, and the mass of the body, the higher the frequency of the occurring process.

Concerning the mention of Herodotus, it is colourfully written by Graham Hancock and Santa Faiia in the book "The Mirror of Heaven or the search for a lost civilization"

"In the time of Herodotus, the Sun rose in the east on the day of the vernal equinox, exactly against the background of the constellation of Aries; At this moment the constellation of Libra was "in opposition," located exactly in the place where the sun will set in twelve hours. If we translate the precession clock by half a cycle back (six "hours" of the zodiac, or approximately 13 thousand years), we will see the reverse combination: the spring sun rises in the east in Libra, while Aries is in opposition, in the west. Another 13 thousand years ago, and the situation will repeat itself: the spring solstice will again rise in Aries, and Libra will be "in opposition".

But the fact remains the fact, the changes in the planetary scale take place at a frequency of 13,000 years, and judging by the observations and information from the books by Anastasia Novykh, we live during the final period of such a cycle - during the Crossroads. Each time global cataclysms accompanied such a transition period, caused both by planetary and space based processes.

Why is the mass media silent about this? This question is not difficult to answer. After all, it is often the aim of some people in the government organizations not to help people and maintain peace, a stable economic situation and so on, but a silly thirst for power. Therefore, the information submitted in a chewed "adapted" form with a lot of advertising and other distractions to draw people's attention away from the main essence of what is happening.

And what happens if the information is complete, "not filtered"? Then each person will start to think not about small momentary problems of the importance of his ego, career, credits, social status and other alluvial debris. In full growth, the question arises of future survival in extreme situations. In the first place, the principles of the main Human nature will come. There will come a moment of Truth, a Choice for everyone: who am I, a human or an animal, trembling only for one’s skin?

And here I am, a mere engineer, not a specialist in the field of physics, astronomy, climatology, I come to quite obvious conclusions:

1. It's time to stop the "ostrich policy," to hide from the reality and to face the truth: we all in the scale of the planet Earth in the very near future are waiting for change. These changes may be associated not just with the modification or deterioration of the climate. They can be accompanied by the earthquakes, the awakening of sleeping volcanoes, and the emergence of new ones, the appearance of giant tsunamis, tornadoes, and other "delights" of the awakened elements.
2. Such simple and familiar things for us as food, shelter, and personal hygiene will become a big deficit.
3. Even if we are not directly affected by cataclysms, the flow of migrants from disadvantaged regions can overwhelm our regions. And then only from us will depend - whether will be in a deficit such qualities as mercy and compassion.
4. It depends on us whether people will turn into herds of wild beasts, who recognize only the rule of force, ready to "stop at nothing" in the direction to their illusory salvation. Or we will pass through this testing period as a single united family of Reasonable and Humane people, and thereby prove to the Creator our right to continue development and the Spiritual Dawn of our civilization!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Written by Sergey (St. Petersburg region, the participant of IPM  "ALLATRA")

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Simon Ruszczak
Simon Ruszczak #

I think you are correct in that the Earth is starting to wobble, but I disagree on the flip happening at regular 13000 year intervals.

The Earth doesn't flip every 13000 years, but only at the start of an interglacial and after an interglacial. When a reduction or increase of ice at the geographic poles causes a weight imbalance, and planetary flip occurs. When the ice has increased enough or deduced enough the weight at the poles is in balance again, and the Dzhanibecov effect is prevented form happening again.

Earth's flipping could explain the mega-fauna and mega-flora die off in North America 13000 years ago. When the Earth entered the current inter-glacial, the Earth flipped because the ice melted.     Extra ice around Antarctica would be in water (Antarctic Ocean), but extra ice around the now northern hemisphere would mostly be as glaciers on land (North America, Russia, Iceland, etc).    When the ice melted, it would have caused a weight imbalance (ice in water only displaces its own weight) causing the Earth to flip. During the flip, the continent of North America travelled over the Arctic Circle, killing off most of its wild life (flash freezing).

When the northern hemisphere builds up enough land ice (glaciers) after the current inter-glacial has ended, making it "top" heavy, Earth's flip will start again. Over the past 5 years there has been a large build up of ice at the northern and southern hemispheres, so it looks like the inter-glacial has ended and another flip is about to start again !