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A New Continent is Discovered in the Pacific Ocean!!!! Great Pacific Garbage Patch

A drifting island of garbage the area of ​​700 square kilometers, consisting mainly of fragments caused by the March 11, 2011 earthquake, was found 3 thousand kilometers from California, USA. Part of the wreckage is toxic waste resulting from the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. 0.20 What can be done so that people do not have to eliminate consequences? The answer is simple - eliminate the cause - the immorality of our society! Garbage clean-up is certainly good, but let's look at the world realistically - many organizations are engaged in this, but has the society changed? Has the human being become more humane? NO. So maybe, it is worthwhile to redirect the potential of such a huge number of people towards more important things - to popularization of cultural and moral values, to spreading the examples of kindness and humanity in the world. Trash, in the first place, is negative thoughts in the people's minds. How can we do it so as to clear the planet of this main garbage - negative thoughts? The answer is simple - by creating conditions in society for the prevalence of positivity and humanity. Then the nature will become more favorable to people too. And the new AllatRa Science technologies will allow us to solve such trifles as mountains of garbage. Thanks to the Primordial AllatRa Physics, mankind can make an evolutionary leap in science, since physics lies at the base of natural science. Primordial AllatRa Physics allows us to conduct qualitatively new research and make discoveries in different scientific fields, to make exact calculations practically without expenditures. Undoubtedly, this evolutionary knowledge makes it possible to develop qualitatively and in a new way any scientific disciplines, to make grandiose breakthroughs in quantum physics, biophysics, chemical physics, geophysics, astrophysics, and so on. Studies in these fields of science based on the knowledge given in the Primordial AllatRa Physics have already produced tremendous results, including in the field of studying new production technologies and obtaining inexhaustible energy.The knowledge in Primordial AllatRa Physics opens up access to the inexhaustible source of energy, which is everywhere, including in outer space. This is renewable energy, thanks to which elementary particles are created, and their motion and interaction take place. The ability to receive it and transfer it from one state to another opens up to everyone a new, safe, easily accessible source of alternative energy. The potential of this endless source of energy is huge, it is much larger, more stable and safer than the potential of the Sun or of geothermal energy. Moreover, when using this source, there is no need to accumulate excess energy and direct it to the consumer for further use. After all, this energy is everywhere, it can be available here and now to every person, under any conditions: both on Earth and in space. Undoubtedly, this will qualitatively change the life of human civilization as a whole. Nuclear power plants will disappear as useless. Oil, gas, and other well-known sources of energy will lose their relevance due to the labor effort needed for their extraction, storage, the depletion of these resources, and their environmental hazards. If you enjoyed this video - like, subscribe to our channel, and keep abreast of climate events in the news of the world. A New Continent is Discovered in the Pacific Ocean!!!! Story about the enormous concentrations of plastic debris floating around in the Pacific Ocean, why they're there and why they're a problem.

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