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The San Andreas Fault: The earthquake in Mexico was a foreshock - a larger earthquake on the way

The San Andreas Fault: The earthquake in Mexico was a foreshock - a larger earthquake on the way

Seismologists of Mexico are in a panic after the 7.1 earthquakes that occurred on September 19, 2017, near Mexico City, there was no foreshock, and still, there was no AFTERSHOK !!!!An earthquake of magnitude seven without foreshock and aftershocks last observed in Japan on March 9, 2011.

Recall that near the eastern coast of Honshu there was an earthquake of magnitude 7.2, to which seismologists did not immediately attach particular importance, only marveling at the lack of foreshock and subsequent aftershocks.

Everything became clear on March 11, 2011, when a seismic push with the force of 9.2 points struck 40 kilometers from the epicenter of a strange seismic event, which went down in history as the Great East Japan earthquake. As a result of the quake, 11 power units of the 53 nuclear power plants in Japan were automatically shut down. One of the nuclear power plants became sadly famous Fukushima world.

The fact that there was no foreshock and aftershocks in Mexico, it could mean that something utterly unthinkable is coming! It is likely that the main earthquake will occur in the same area, in the center of the Mexico metropolitan area. However, it is also possible that the MAIN seismic shock will move northward, towards California (USA), under which there is a huge fault of San Andreas.

And this is not an assumption. After all, this trend observed. The previous earthquake in Mexico by force of 8.4 was to the south. That is, we are talking about stress migration along the tectonic fault in the northern direction, to California.

Therefore, people living on the West Coast of the United States should now show wisdom and take care of themselves, their families and the people around them. People should organize themselves. They must unite. There must be a Unity of individuals. The unification of people is the foundation of the survival of humankind.

As the well-known academician, professor Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, who puts on the first place in life, humanity, conscience, and honor in the programme "Truth is one on All.The coming cataclysms. Relations between people. Revival of humaneness 

"... in the current climate situation, let's say mildly, it's still better for people to be people, to lend a helping hand to each other. There is one more ... I say this for people who are just on consciousness and more, and kind of, give into, say, let earthly passions affect them, rather than spiritual things, it is profitable. It seems that we are not going to go through a disaster, catastrophes are happening there. Today they are happening there. Tomorrow they will take place at your house. Will your neighbor help you? No, of course, if he will be the same as you, right? So what needs to be done? First of all, extend a hand of friendship to a neighbor. Look here so in the eyes of each other, just sit and see and think. Sometimes, even words are not needed to understand that we are all of the same blood, right? And then it will be a pity for a neighbor if a neighbor happens to happen. And when you are ready to help your neighbor, it will mean that your neighbor will be able to help you if trouble comes to your house. But, while you are not ready to help a neighbor - do not expect help from him. He is the same. As well as you. He lives in the same conditions. " 

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