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According to the results of a study by American geologists, in the northwestern United States, a giant volcano can form in the territory of New England in the bowels of the Earth. To this conclusion, scientists came after studying the data of seismographs, GPS-sensors, and other devices. Seismic instruments are installed throughout North America to monitor possible earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The data of seismographs and GPS-sensors show that the area in the central and western part of the states of Vermont and New Hampshire is gaining strength. The reason was an increase in temperature in the upper part of the mantle. Scientists claim that they found echoes of the formation of a new supervolcano. Its zone is smaller than that of all the known Yellowstone. However, this territory can become a source of dominant volcanic and seismic activity. It is possible that events that occurred on Earth 200 million years ago can repeat.

As the well-known academician, professor Igor Mikhailovich Danilov, who puts on the first place in the life of humanity, conscience and honor in the programme "Truth is one on All. The coming cataclysms. About the relationship of people. The revival of humanity. ": ":" ... in the current climate, let's say lightly way, after all, people should be better people to lend a helping hand to each other. "There is one more ... I'm saying this for people who are just on consciousness and more, still, give in to earthly passions, rather than spiritual things, it's profitable, it seems that we are not getting enough, catastrophes are happening there, they are happening there today, tomorrow they will take place at your house. "No, of course, if he's the same as you are, right?" So what should I do? First of all, extend a hand of friendship to a neighbor. Look here so in the eyes of each other, just sit and see and think. Sometimes, even words are not needed to understand that we are all of the same blood, right? And then it will be a pity for a neighbor if a neighbor happens to happen. And when you are ready to help this neighbor, it will mean that your neighbor will be able to help you if trouble comes to your house. But, while you are not ready to help a neighbor - do not expect help from him. He is the same as you. He lives in the same conditions. "

Given the growing intensity of climate disasters on Earth, now more than ever we, people, it is essential to understand who we are and why this life is given to us. Sincere and honest answers to these critical questions for each issue are provided in the unique film on the AllatRa TV channel. It's more than a film, it's a living book: "CONSCIOUSNESS AND PERSONALITY, FROM THE INEVITABLE  DEAD TO ETERNAL LIVING." 

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