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Dear all, this information concerns every person living on the Earth. Forthcoming natural cataclysms on a planetary scale threaten the existence of all humanity. Our survival directly depends on the fact how adequately and seriously we consider the impending and already occurring global cataclysms. "Urgent, extraordinary measures are required, which can bring people together into a close-knit global family, for no one will be able to cope with the global challenges of the coming years alone, whether it be a person, a family, a company, a city or a country.  Under the conditions of global cataclysms, people will remain one on one with their problems, and they will have no one to rely on" (From ALLATRA SCIENCE report "On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems").

It is extremely naive to rely on and to hope for the help of any state under the conditions of consumer society. If the governments and rulers really, not in words but in deeds, performed their direct duties, namely served the people as it is written in different constitutions, international documents and acts on human rights, then the actual state of affairs on the planet would not be so deplorable and the same problem of refugees today would not be so critical.

The impending global disasters will be a severe test for all humanity, and what we will all face within the next few years is terrible. We have not encountered yet this kind of test. But there is a way out in any situation, and in this case, the unity of all sensible and decent people throughout the world is a vital necessity for all humanity.

There is practically no time left to think because already now humanity is disastrously fast losing the precious relatively stable days for the attempt to join forces to prevent the worst consequences of the impending global natural disasters. All kinds of joint actions of the peoples of the world on this matter, which are based on the criteria of honor, conscience, and true human relationships, will be crucial, which will undoubtedly have a huge impact on future events and prospects of the existence of the human civilization as a whole.

The Earth is our common home. And the trouble threatens every person living in this house, regardless of gender, nationality, religion or any other distinction invented by people. According to forecasts of scientists, in the very near future there will be a planetary-scale catastrophe which will affect everyone! Considering the impending global cataclysms, people themselves should start changing their attitude towards themselves and society, and unite here and now. After all, you do not know who you will be tomorrow – a refugee or a host, and what your chances of survival in the given situation will be. The force of people is in Unity, the force that is capable to change everything!

The information on many problems and the impending global disasters is hidden and those fragments that reach people are perceived as another "terrifying story". For example, when discussing on the social networking website the issue of the future eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano, Americans, and humanity as a whole, do not realize its scale. They look at the map and count miles from the national park to their house ... But those who possess the real information have already sold all their assets, real estate and quickly left not just a country or continent but a hemisphere. Only those remain who either do not have the information or do not have the possibility to leave America, or, knowing the truth, do not believe anything and make selfish, and therefore absolutely utopian plans for the future, which they do not have.

We draw your attention to the two most pressing climatic problems on a planetary scale:

  • Aira Caldera (Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu region, Japan)
  • Yellowstone Caldera (Wyoming, USA)

Scientific observations have revealed a close parallelism between the processes taking place in these most ancient calderas. The processes taking place in their interior are interconnected in some way and are often interdependent. Many scientific facts point at the accumulation of energy in the Earth's interior, which, when released, may trigger a devastating worldwide catastrophe. According to the calculations made by our experts, this will happen in the coming decades. In case of a simultaneous eruption of the two super volcanoes (Aira Caldera and the Yellowstone Caldera) located in different parts of the world, there is a threat of a total annihilation of humanity...

"The probability that the Japanese archipelago and life on it may be destroyed in the next 10 years as a result of major eruptions and earthquakes equals 70%. At the same time, the probability that this will happen within the next 18 years is 99%. Given the influence of cosmic factors as well as of an increased seismic and volcanic activity in this region, a global catastrophe could happen at any moment. This raises a particular concern for the people living on these territories, and it gives a clear understanding of the fact that it is necessary to consolidate efforts of the international community already now in order to contribute to saving the lives of more than 127 million people and move them to the continent, to safer regions, in advance." "Under the most modest predictions made by a number of scientists, a super eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera may lead to a sudden climate change on the whole planet. But the worst part is that it can instantly destroy life on almost the whole continent. Scientists have simulated this situation and came to the conclusion that all living within the radius of 1,200 km will be destroyed already in the first minutes after the eruption, as the area adjacent to the volcano will suffer from pyroclastic flows, consisting of red-hot gas and ash. They spread at a speed close to the speed of sound, destroying everything in its path. The second zone, which covers the whole territory of the United States and Canada, will be covered with ashes, which will lead to deaths of people who will be in that area at that time from suffocation and from the collapse of buildings(from ALLATRA SCIENCE report "On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems").

There is a way out of this situation and the total result of the events depends on today's inner efforts of every person on the Earth.

Nowadays, humanity for the first time in history, for all the time of its existence, has a unique opportunity and a real chance to save oneself and one's future. It means using the technical base (the Internet, television, etc.) for self-organization and uniting people.

The most important thing that has to be done TODAY- is to inform the maximum number of people residing in these areas. And our task is to do everything we can, everything that is in our hands to ensure this information is available to all people. The timely spreading of this information will contribute to saving millions of lives. After all, human life is the highest value in this world!

You can familiarize in the Report "On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems" with the scientific facts confirming and revealing the true climatic situation and possible scenarios of its development, as well as with described in detail the ways to solve these problems.


The report is written in a simple and easy for comprehension way so that everyone can understand it. Many events, described in the report as early as  in 2014, have already happened, so is it worth waiting for a global catastrophe?

We must prepare ourselves for the X hour already today. Now it is still difficult for people to realize that the state consists of people themselves and not of those, to whom they have delegated their power and who, in the face of danger, will first care for their own lives. After all, whether people will have tomorrow depends on how much today, here and now, they are united and prudent in their actions; in other words, whether they will be able to save the lives of their children and grandchildren and prolong the existence of humanity in this difficult period for all... People must cast away all the boundaries and conventions; they need to become consolidated here and now. Nature does not look at titles and ranks when it unleashes its millennial anger, and only a manifestation of true brotherhood between people based on human kindness can give humanity a chance for survival...


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