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The Yellowstone (USA) and the Aira (Japan) supervolcanoes are connected. The unity of people can change the future!

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The Yellowstone (USA) and the Aira (Japan) supervolcanoes are connected. The unity of people can change the future!

Two years ago the world saw a game-changing popular science report  "On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems“, where apart from a large bulk of useful and necessary information for mankind you can find the following lines:

«The conducted research identified an extremely alarming fact. Judging by the graphs of neutrino emission and the intensity of the septon field of the Earth, there is a close parallelism between the processes taking place in the most ancient calderas - Aira caldera (Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu region, Japan) and Yellowstone Caldera (Wyoming, USA), despite the fact that they are separated by the Pacific plate.
It has been observed that the processes taking place in their interior, are interconnected in some way and are often interdependent. It was determined that even after the activation of adaptive mechanisms in Aira caldera, neutrino emission and the septon field intensity recorded both in the area of Aira caldera (Japan) and the Yellowstone Caldera (USA), remained practically identical. The graph shows the curve that indicates their steady growth, despite the artificial restraint on the seismic activity in Aira caldera with adaptive mechanisms. All these and many other facts point at the accumulation of energy in the Earth's interior, which, when released, may trigger a devastating worldwide catastrophe. According to the calculations made by our experts, this will happen in the coming decades. In case of a simultaneous eruption of the two supervolcanoes (Aira Caldera and the Yellowstone Caldera) located in different parts of the world, there is a threat of a total annihilation of mankind…»

The connection between Aira caldera and the Yellowstone caldera is evident, when we trace the activity of these supervolcanoes from the moment of the report publication to the present day. The Japanese scientists continue to monitor the seismic activity in Aira caldera almost all the time during the last 2 years.

Relying on news reports and online publications, there is a further point to be made. Starting from February 2015 Sakurajima volcano at Aira caldera shows strong activity. 10 or more explosions take place there every day. As a rule, Sakurajima sets off explosions of strombolian type 1-2 times a day, which can be sometimes of considerable dimensions and push volcanic ash to the height of several kilometers. Since 1955 the volcano activity has been observed, but it varies in intensity and rhythms from weeks to a few months. However, in 2015 the volcano activity significantly increased. On August 15, 2015 the volcano had the 4th out of 5 possible volcano alert levels.

Japanese geophysicists together with colleagues from the USA studied the deformation of the land surface near Aira caldera, where the volcano is located, combining the measured data from GPS-satellites with the geophysical data and computer 3D-models. According to the results, the chamber is filling with magma at a very rapid pace now, what makes the reservoir expanse and the soil swell. It is filled with about 14 million cubic meters annually. This huge volume does not manage to crop out as a result of regular and small eruptions of Sakurajima. Thus, even according to the orthodox science the expanding magma chamber beneath Aira caldera and Sakurajima volcano indicates a high probability of its awakening in the next 30 years.

Figure1. Best fit model of deformation vectors and source location (The article «Thermomechanical controls on magma supply and volcanic deformation: application to Aira caldera, Japan" in the journal Nature. The link to the source).

Black arrows indicate GPS measurements (1996-2007) with 95% confidence limits, while red arrows indicate the best-fit model surface displacements, for vertical (a) and horizontal(b) components. The blue circle shows the surface projection of the best-fit source from this study, with the cross indicating its center. For comparison, the green triangle represents the center of the location of the strain source according to the analytical model for the same period. The GPS station names are indicated. The inverted black triangle indicates the location of a GEONET GPS continuous operation station and the dotted line represents the pressure loop in the post-caldera Wakamiko. The map was created in GMT 4 editor.

Then there are examples of the underground activity processes in Yellowstone National Park and its adjacent areas.

Over the past two years, about ten cases of formation of cracks, faults and ground faults have been recorded in the United States.It is assumed that the hot springs blurred the lower layers of soil, and provoked the formation of cracks. The processes related to the erosion of the upper layers of eroded land and abundant gas emissions have made it only worse.

In 2016, emissions of carbon monoxide had been recorded in a row along the fault lines of San Andreas within 16 weeks. The peak days were 11th and 27th of February, 2016. On March 1, 2016 scientists managed to find huge amounts of carbon monoxide, remaining under the solid rock. This fact can be related with other anomalies - mass deaths of birds and fish in the United States during the same period. On March 11, 2016 there was a crash in the lake of the Yellowstone caldera, which was heard by its visitors. 

On April 13, 2016 the formation of the volcanic hole was discovered, which appeared in the Shoshone River in the east of the Yellowstone supervolcano. As far back as the 25th of March, 2016 volcanologists found evidence of the geothermal activity. Then the formation of a large crack on the surface of the river bottom was recorded. A new emerging geyser started to go off from the crack. There is another confirmation, which lies in the rising temperature of the earth's surface and the  surface water in the territory of the park. Also it includes the water temperature of Boiling River starting from September 2012.

Изменение температуры воды в Кипящей реке (Boiling River)

Figure 2. The blue line indicates the change in water temperature of the Boiling River since 01/09/2012 till 01/11/2016 according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). Orange dots denote the average water temperature, which was averaged in 12 years. On the left there is a Celsius scale temperature, on the right– a Fahrenheit scale temperature. The link to the source.

Also in 2016 there was a record of 58.9 degrees Celsius temperature  in the Boiling River for the past 14 years. Earlier there was a theme-based article on the website ALLATRA SCIENCE: The Yellowstone supervolcano is wakening up. What can each of us undertake?

Here is the list of the earthquakes in the USA. (The source link)

Figure 3. The area of statistical data sample.

In 2015, the USA saw 61,965 earthquakes all together with its total energy of 1,00786E + 15J., where 8753 earthquakes had the magnitude> 2 with its total energy of 9,18E + 14J.

Figure 4: The total energy of earthquakes with magnitude> 2 for the period 2001-2015.

Figure 5: The number of earthquakes with magnitude> 2 for the period 2001-2015.

The graphs help us to trace an unusual regular pattern of the decline of energy and increase in earthquakes since 2010. The tendency continues in 2016. It is noteworthy that in March 2014 the Yellowstone supervolcano was on the verge of eruption, and only by God's providence, which is beyond our comprehension, the disaster did not happen.

Summarizing these facts, it becomes clear that they prove the synchronization of the processes occurring in the bowels of the calderas. You can get more information about the graphs of scientific observations of seismic, septon and neutrino activity synchronization of these supervolcanoes by reading the ALLATRA SCIENCE climate report.

The report also shows the seriousness of the situation and its possible consequences [note that the numbers and dates are as of November 2014]:

«For example, observations of a typical behavior of neutrinos and the septon field made during the research in the field of volcanology and seismology, make it possible to draw the following conclusions already now. The probability that the Japanese archipelago and the life on it may be destroyed in the next 10 years as a result of major eruptions and earthquakes equals 70%. At the same time, the probability that this will happen within the next 18 years is 99%. Taking into account the influence of cosmic factors as well as the increased seismic and volcanic activity in this region, a global catastrophe could happen at any moment. This raises a particular concern for the people living on these areas, and it gives a clear understanding of the fact that it is necessary to consolidate efforts of the international community already now in order to contribute to the saving of the lives of more than 127 million people and move them to the continent, to safer regions, in advance».

CONCLUSION: Considering the danger of the impending global cataclysm, people must change their attitude towards the society and themselves here and now. In this regard, it is extremely important to change globally and quickly the values of the society from a consumer format to a spiritual, moral and creative one where kindness, humanity, conscience, mutual friendship, the dominance of the spiritual and moral principles would come first in relations between people, regardless of their nationality, religion, social status and other conventional, artificial divisions of the world community. If all people strive to make a convenient life for each other, then in this life they will save themselves and their future...

Strange things happen in this world. When one of the TV stars makes unusual statements, or, for example, buys a new house, for many people such news is of paramount importance and worthy for attention. And when leading scientists report on a global, imminent danger for all living beings, and what is more important -  on the real ways to solve these problems, people act as if they did not hear anything.

All people of good will are able to take an active part in changing the current situation, that is  to change the global society ideology from a consumer way of thinking to a spiritual and creative one, to approve  mutual priorities in the society, friendship, spiritual and moral relations between people.This words  should  not be  only words but they should be turned into deeds. People need to get rid of all limits and conventions. They need to consolidate here and now. The nature does not look at grades and ranks when she brings down her millennial fury, and only the manifestation of a true commonwealth between people, based on human kindness, can give the humanity a chance to survive...


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