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The growth of cataclysms. What happens to climate? Scientists’ opinions. The neutrino stream bursts from Earth. Reduction of time...

  • What is in fact happening with climate on the planet?
  • Whether it is a local change or a global one?
  • What is the cause of climate change?
  • Why is this the main question for civilization today and will it affect everyone?
  • Interviews with scientists and what they say about cyclicity.
  • What happened to past civilizations during climate disasters?

Also in this episode:

  • Consolidation of scientists from related disciplines.
  • Solving issues of geological processes forecasting.
  • Solar energy transfer and its impact on the earth's shell.
  • Intraterrestrial processes and the deceleration of the Earth's rotation speed.
  • What signs can scientists use to predict earthquakes?
  • What's Geotectonics as a science?
  • Why is there an activation of processes in the Earth’s mantle?
  • “The Hypothesis of the metal hydride structure of the Earth’s core” by the famous Soviet geologist Vladimir Larin.
  • Neutrino - what kind of particle it is, what its role is and what can it tell scientists about?
  • Experiments of physicists in Antarctica - Anita and IceCube project.
  • The processes of acceleration and reduction of time, what is this phenomenon about?
  • Conditions of global cataclysms and why it is necessary prepare for them today.
  • How much time do we have left? The ways out of the current situation.

 As it is said in the report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems” 

“History has taught us that lack of unification of human society on the spiritual and moral basis and joint actions of people on the planet, continent, and region regarding preparations for large-scale cataclysms and disasters result in the destruction of most of these people. And survivors die of incurable diseases, epidemics, and self-destruction in wars and civil strife in the struggle for means of sustenance. As a rule, disasters appear suddenly, causing chaos and panic. Only advance preparation and unity of the peoples of the world before the impending natural danger gives mankind more chances of survival and the possibility to jointly overcome the difficulties in the era of global climate change of the planet.”

The choice is up to each of us. The choice is yours!

The ways to Solve These Problems and the ways out of the current situation watch in the videos on ALLATRA TV 

It is coming.Се. Грядёт.


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