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Water From Air: The Path to Saving Humanity | Popular Science Film

Introducing to you a unique popular science film about a breakthrough technology capable of fundamentally changing the life of every individual and the planet as a whole. This film will be of interest to both the general public and specialists in various fields of science who are seeking answers to questions: 

Why are there massive floods in one part of the world and severe droughts in another? 
What are the real dimensions of the water crisis awaiting modern humanity?
Why do climate catastrophes escalate with each passing day, and what challenges will the global community face in the near future?
What is the reason for the rapid heating of the ocean, and why has it ceased to cool our planet?

Leading inventors will discuss a unique technology for extracting water from the atmosphere, the mass introduction of which will not only provide each person with an unlimited amount of clean drinking water but also partially stabilize and slow down the growth of natural disasters, allowing scientists to buy time to stop natural disasters and preserve the Earth for future generations.

It is also important to note that extracting water from the atmosphere solves 70% of the problem of exacerbating climate change.. This allows achieving several UN Sustainable Development Goals at once.  

The film presents a clear plan for introducing this advanced technology for detailed study and implementation by specialists. This worldwide project is one of the main puzzle pieces in saving the world.

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