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Why Is the Ocean About to Boil?

The ocean is a source of life on our planet. But just a bit more, and it will cease to be a source of life and turn into a source of our death. 

At the moment, science cannot explain how and why ocean warming increased by 450% within just 30 years. Examples of abnormal water heating are visible everywhere already not only at the bottom but also on the surface. It's hard to even imagine the scale of a possible disaster!

In this video, you will learn:

  • How much energy is needed to heat a volume of water as large as the World Ocean?
  • Where is the ocean heating up the most?
  • How does the heating of the ocean's deep layers occur?
  • What is the probability of a complete halt of the Gulf Stream?
  • Mechanisms of ocean heating

Watch the full report on the true causes of climate change at the International Online Forum "Global Crisis. Our Survival Is in Unity", November 12, 2022

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