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ALERT about cataclysms in the very near future North AMERICA and JAPAN

The international community of scientists is informing about the impending global cataclysms: - within a maximum of 18 years, the Japanese archipelago may be completely destroyed; - in the coming years, a sudden activation of supervolcanoes Aira (Japan) and Yellowstone (USA); - the rift of North American lithospheric plate; - catastrophic consequences for all inhabitants of the Earth; - millions of climate refugees; - ways of uniting people and the survival of humanity have been found; ...While studying the new field of geoengineering, it became possible to identify a discrepancy between the data that is publicly presented to the international community and the realities of today... The same problem applies to modern tectonic maps. In particular, the North American lithospheric plate is not as whole as it previously seemed. The latest data indicates that on the continental crust of this plate, an intensive formation of a split takes place, which transitions into a rift along the border that practically divides the territory of the present USA into two halves.. Given the fact that intensity in this area along the fracture formation line increases with each passing day, according to all the calculations, soon... This information is taken from the report "On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems", which is based on scientific research of the international team of scientists of ALLATRA International Public Movement. Information is obtained thanks to advanced scientific developments in the field of climatology, climate engineering, geophysics, neutrino geophysics, and neutrino astrophysics.

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