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Interview with the witness of floods in Indonesia. Climate Eyewitness report

Eyewitness interviews about flood in Indonisia 2020. Indonesia flood victims.

- So the flood happened on January 1st at 7 a.m. Before it happened there was a big rain, heavy rain when the New Year.

- You were an eyewitness of this or you’re from another region of this country?

 - I was one of the victims of this flood. The flood was filling in my house in the morning. When I woke up, my parents were saying that our house is in the flood

- Could you tell what you’ve felt at this moment?

- It was panic. I was panicking and my whole neighborhood was panicking because this is the first time that we go through that and it's a deep one, and we helped each other. Because in January, this December to January, there are many many snakes around our neighborhood. So what we do is we help each other or evacuating their things and also we help to rescue we have helped to evacuate snakes. Because there are about two or three snakes in each house and some snakes are poisoned.

- You may notice that people help each other with the cooperation of people when people tried to give a helping hand to each other. And one question I want to ask you does state or government help people or simple people help each other? Can you tell us about it?

- I'm a volunteer also in Indonesia escorting ambulance so it's kind of medical, and I was kind of rescuing volunteer. So for this situation yes the government and Indonesia's ambulance or my organization's we help them.

- I also have a question not only about this flooding. Have you observed any climatic change during maybe last year or last time in your region? Did you feel that something is happening? Maybe you got more disasters in your region, for example in Indonesia?

- There are many disasters in Indonesia. For past months, like in December, and in January there are floods, there are earthquakes, the temperature has changed. Temperature is going hotter or hotter than before and there are too many earthquakes.

- What can we do in the situation like peoples, like humans, maybe already people are changing in your country, inside? Understanding that the climate is changing. Maybe we should be more friendly more united and cooperating and help each other. Could you tell, maybe your opinion of course. How it can be better?

- My opinion is about human to human for your side. We have to help each other. It is important to help each other, making up people, because we cannot live alone we have to get someone to help with. And also maybe we can for humans environments maybe we can stop cutting trees, cutting forests and start to plant green, something like plants or trees, that can prevent what is happening.
From there we can get united.

- Is it important to inform people about or what climatic changes are taking place all over the world now, on our planet, in order for all people to be informed of what is happening and what will happen in the future.

- Yes, it's important to report the climate changes around the world, so we would know we're going to face. It is important to make reporting climate changes around the world. Because we will know what we have to do, and we know what will we face, and we can start making changes around the world. So it's kind of helping each other, makeup to each other. To make the earth healthier than before.  

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