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UK Superstorm Path Update! Models show Hurricane Maria & Lee to Merge Track for UK

UK Superstorm Path Update! Models show Hurricane Maria and Lee to Merge - Track for UK. An enormous storm is approaching Great Britain A storm, formed by the confluence of two destructive hurricanes, which devastated the United States, is approaching the north-west coast of Great Britain. The meteorologists have already named it "Brian". Scientists are not yet saying with certainty what will happen to the cyclone upon its approach to the shores of Britain. Contrary to initial forecasts, the storm did not gain strength, fueled by warm streams of tropical Atlantic zones. However, even in the form of a squally wind with gusts of up to 25 meters/second and heavy rains, it can bring destruction. It is important to remember that life of every person is very valuable. And today, manifestations of destructive climatic changes underscore the importance of a caring attitude of man towards man. We are all one family living on planet Earth, and each of us can do much not only for the general survival of civilization, but for real life in joy and unity. "The highest value in this world is a person's life. The life of any person should be protected as one's own, for although life is fleeting, it gives everyone a chance to increase their main value - the inner spiritual riches which are the only thing that allow the Personality to achieve true spiritual immortality. "- the first foundation of ALLATRA. If you liked our video - like, subscribe to our channel, and keep abreast of climate events in the news of the world. September 27, 2017: Tropical Storm Maria has restrengthened back to hurricane status as a Category 1 storm. Both Maria and Lee are forecasted to move rather quickly to the UK and Ireland soon, joining forces, and according to some forecast models forming a very strong "Superstorm" on or around Oct 2. **Models are also showing the formation of a tropical wave w/center of rotation on Oct 6 in the Gulf of Mexico. Just a big heads up for now, but I'm sharing this with you from experience as this is how I first observed Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria. ** Heads -up.

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