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TORNADOES, WHIRLWINDS, HURRICANES season 2018 in the USA and the world! ABNORMAL natural phenomena!

The process of global climate change on the planet has entered the active phase what is already affecting people’s lives all over the world. 

The suppositions made by a range of scientists, that climate change on the Earth will be gradual over the next 100 years and more, are wrong because, in fact, this process is happening way much faster. 

One of the consequences of climate change is an increased number of hurricanes, whirlwinds and tornadoes which have been recently occurring even in the areas where they have never been observed before. 

  • What are the reasons for the abnormal natural phenomenon? 
  • Climate and Weather. Natural phenomena of 2018. 
  • How do whirlwinds, tornadoes and hurricanes form and what to do if they threaten your life?! 
  • How to protect oneself from the elements of nature? 
  • Interesting Facts. Septonic field (information field) and Tornadoes. 
  • An interview with a tornado hunter from the USA. 
  • An interview with a witness of a severe hurricane in the new episode of Climate Control. 

For more information about climate changes and how we, as humanity, can get through this stage, watch a unique programme "Се грядёт. It is coming" with the participation of Igor Mikhailovich Danilov.



The process of global climate change on the planet has entered the active phase what is already affecting people’s lives all over the world.

The suppositions made by a range of scientists, that climate change on the Earth will be gradual over the next 100 years and more, are wrong because, in fact, this process is happening way much faster.

Since 1995, the total number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the area of the Pacific Ring of Fire has begun to increase significantly.

According to data of international science group, who conducted the study of the satellite data, during the last 25 years the level of World Ocean has increased by 8.6 cm. At the same time, they noted that the level is growing at an average rate of 3.2 mm per year, which is quite a lot.

The speed of increase in temperature is unique! For the last 100 years it has had increased by 1℃. This is despite the fact that over 10,000 years the temperature has increased by 6℃, and now, only over the past 100 years - by one degree. The speed is 15 times higher!

Scientists have recorded the rapid melting of Arctic ice, for the last decades.  Observations in 2012 showed that since the 1980s, the total mass of ice has decreased by 70%. The drift velocity of the magnetic poles at the beginning of 20th century was about 10 km/h. Since 1990, the speed has begun to increase rapidly and now is about 40-50 km/h.

Economic damage from natural disasters has increased significantly. In the 1980s, taking into account the inflation, the damage from natural disasters has been evaluated at 30 billion dollars a year. In the 1990s, there was an increase to 104 billion dollars a year. Over the past decade, economic damage has increased, taking into account inflation a year, to an average of 182 billion dollars. In 2017, the cataclysms caused the greatest material damage equal to 330 billion  US dollars

Often, by the word climate people mean weather phenomena. Let's take a look at what climate and weather are, and how they differ.



According to the written pattern from French ‘climat’ from Latin clima, -atis, Greek κλίμα (klima) — “inclination of the Earth from equator towards the poles”, κλίνω (klino) - “to slant, incline”.

Originally, the word ‘Klima’ meant ‘slope’, but already for a couple of centuries BC it was used by the astronomer Hipparchus to designate 5 main climatic regions of the Earth depending on the inclination of the sun's rays to the Earth's surface. That is why in the modern Greek-Russian dictionary ‘Klima’ is translated, firstly, as a ‘slope, ramp, descent’, and, secondly, as a country of light and climatic zone.



The weather is the state of the atmosphere at a given place, at a given time. As a meteorological term (in the dictionary of Khromov and Mamontova from 1974), the weather is a continuously changing state of the atmosphere.

One of the effects of climate change is the increased number of hurricanes, tornadoes, and whirlwinds, and these have recently appeared even in those regions where they have never been seen before.


Vitaliy (an eyewitness of climatic events, Transcarpathian region): My name is Vitaly, I am from Transcarpathia. I wanted to share information  about the disaster that happened in Transcarpathian region. A strong wind, one might say a hurricane, swept through the Tyachiv district: the roofs were demolished, trees were broken, large old trees were pulled out with their roots. Cars on the road could not pass through, as the road was blocked by broken trees.

The electric wires laid around, and it was not known whether they were electrified or not. People were left without electricity and without Internet. Gas stations did not work. It was impossible to refuel.

I live 35 years in the area, and this has never happened before. Such a strong wind, hurricane, which would have demolished everything in its path. And the older people, who lived even more in our area, also did not witness such a severe natural disaster.

All over the world, we are witnessing such disasters: floods, wind, hail. And it is more than important to remain a human being, to be prepared for all sorts of disasters and to be ready to lend a hand to each other at such moments when you are left alone with nature.



Earlier, tornadoes were rare in Russia and appeared only in the middle zone of the Russian Federation, as well as in the Far East. But now it can appear both in the north of the European part of the country and in Siberia.

Scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences became interested in an unusual phenomenon that happened in Khanty-Mansiysk in the summer of 2012. Their local residents could observe a natural phenomenon unusual for this area - a tornado.

Scientists decided to check whether this event was an accidental combination of weather conditions, or it was the first of the new tornadoes. Сlimatologists studied the causes of tornadoes, air temperature and humidity in different regions of the country in recent years. They have created a model of tornado forecast that takes into account global warming, increase in humidity and other climatic factors. As a result, scientists have concluded  that if the temperature and humidity of the air continue to grow, the number of tornadoes and their habitat will increase.

Alexander Chernokulsky, one of the creators of the model, stressed that risk of tornadoes as well as other convective phenomena, such as shower, hail, and squall is projected to increase.

An interesting pattern was found by scientists from Columbia University. They analyzed graphs of the number of tornadoes in the United States on an annual basis. If to take just the number of tornadoes per year and analyze it separately, you will not see any pattern.  

However, there are so called tornado outbreaks, when 6-10 tornadoes are formed from one cyclone. If we analyze the frequency of such events, we will see that it grows every year.



A hurricane is a wind that blows at a speed of more than 32 m/s for a long time. It is also called a typhoon - a whirlwind with low atmospheric pressure inside. The most dangerous of hurricanes are those that are formed near the coast. They not only sweep away everything in their path, but also bring huge waves to the shore.

The hurricane occurs over the warm sea surface and is accompanied by powerful thunderstorms, rainfall and winds of storm power. A hurricane gets its energy from lifting moist air, condensing water vapor in the form of rain and lowering more dry air down.

Hurricanes are one of the most powerful forces of nature. In their harmful effects they are not inferior to such terrible natural disasters as earthquakes. This is because they carry tremendous energy. Its amount, emitted by the middle-sized hurricane during one hour, is equal to the energy of a nuclear explosion of 36 megatons.

Hurricanes are classified into 5 categories on the Saffir-Simpson scale, which differ in wind strength and potential damage:

  1. The first category: the wind is 119-153 km/h, trees and shrubs are damaged.
  2. The second category: the wind is 154-177 km/h, trees and shrubs are significantly damaged; prefabricated houses are heavily damaged.
  3. The third category: the wind is 178-209 km/h, big trees are uprooted, prefabricated houses are destroyed, some small buildings get windows broken, doors and roofs are damaged.
  4. The fourth category: the wind is 210-249 km/h, trees, shrubs and billboards are overturned, prefabricated houses are destroyed to the ground, some buildings get windows, doors and roofs damaged badly. Flooded areas at altitude up to 3 m above the sea level; floods extend 10 km inland.
  5. Fifth category: the wind is  > 250 km/h, all trees, shrubs and  billboards are overturned, many buildings are seriously damaged or destroyed completely. The lower floors of the buildings in the area up to 5 meters above the sea level and 46 km inland are flooded; mass evacuation of the population from the coastal areas is necessary.

Scientists associate the increased number of hurricanes in the Atlantic ocean in 2017 with the warming of the ocean itself. In the past year 3 the strongest hurricanes were witnessed: "Irma", "Harvey" and "Maria". Scientists have applied the climate model HiFLOR and saw that with further increase in temperature, the number of hurricanes can only increase. According to this model, the main cause of the last hurricanes was not The La niña phenomenon, as previously assumed, but the unusual warming of the Atlantic ocean. Hurricanes appear almost in all countries. Every year they cause great damage to large areas.


How to behave during the hurricane?

If the radio or television announcement that a hurricane is coming sounded, you need to remove from the territory of the house all the items that can catch a strong wind, close all the doors and windows as well. Glass must be protected with shutters, shields and other things. If possible, you should stock up on food and drinking water. All appliances in the house need to be turned off as well as electricity. Ventilation and gas valves must be shut off. When you are in a house or other room, the best shelter during a hurricane is the basement. You should go down there and bring supplies of food and water. If there is no basement, then corridors, rooms    without windows will fit. In an extreme case, you can use a wall niche or cabinet. The best natural shelters during a hurricane are pits, any trench, pillars of reinforced concrete bridges. You can't hide behind billboards, under trees, near buildings. You should not stand next to the pillars, climb a bridge or other hill. You need to leave the damaged building immediately.



A whirlwind or tornado is an atmospheric phenomenon in the form of a vortex that occurs in storm clouds, often stretches to the ground and sweeps away almost everything in its path.

Air masses rotate at high speed (500-1000 km/h), forming an air funnel. From the clouds, on the inner wall of the funnel, air falls to the ground, and on the outside of the tornado air goes up. Thus, there is a zone of rarefied air, and if closed objects with sufficient pressure get into this zone, they are likely to explode immediately due to the difference in pressure inside the object and outside it. Even closed buildings can become such objects.

The size and shape of tornadoes can vary greatly. Some tornadoes are only a few tens of meters in diameter, while others can reach a couple of kilometers.

Sofar,  there is no consensus, whether tornado and whirlwind are synonyms  or completely different phenomena. Both variants can be found in different scientific sources. Perhaps this is due to the complexity of the study. In the first case, a tornado and a whirlwind mean the same phenomenon. According to another version, they are classified due to the method of creation. A tornado is formed only in the presence of a thunderstorm supercell, and the funnel descends from the cloud to the surface of the earth. As the tornado weakens, its trunk is being pulled up. A whirlwind is very similar to a tornado, but it occurs without the participation of storm clouds. When a large mass of cold air invades the warm surface of land or water, a vortex in the form of a column rushes upwards. It is believed that a whirlwind is  less strong than tornado and becomes weak faster.

In this episode, we held the view that tornado and whirlwind are the same phenomenon, and used them as synonyms.

The tornadoes occur in supercells — very powerful thunderclouds. A special condition required to form a tornado: the presence of warm moist air in the cloud and cold air masses from the surface of the earth or pond. Warm humid air, finding itself in a cloud, faces the cold air masses that were formed over the cold areas of the earth (sea) surface. Once they confronted, water vapor condenses, after which raindrops appear and heat releases. Warm air masses move up and create a vacuum zone there, drawing in not only the warm saturated steam nearby, the air of the cloud, but also the cold air under it. At the same time, the temperature of the cold air, after it is in the discharge zone, cools even more. As a result, a huge amount of energy releases and forms a funnel, which descends to the earth's surface, continuing to draw into the rarefied zone absolutely everything that can be raised by the air masses. Once on the ground, the vacuum zone does not stand still and constantly shifts to the side, capturing all new portions of cold air. When the volumes of cold or warm moist air necessary for a tornado come to an end, the tornado begins to weaken, the funnel narrows and, having come off the earth's surface, returns home, to a cloud.

Basically, the tornado season lasts from early spring to mid-summer. In some States of the USA tornado peak falls on May, in others-on June or even July. But in general, tornadoes can occur at any time of the year. Tornadoes can last from a few minutes to an hour or more. But most of them exist not longer than 10 minutes.



The best way to protect yourself from a tornado — is to hide underground: in some basement or in the subway, for example. Also not bad option shelter is a reinforced concrete structure (wooden house is likely to be destroyed, and brick can stand, it depends on the strength of the tornado).

You can not hide from a tornado in cars or buses, they can easily be lifted up into the air. Also, you can not stay in open places. But if you suddenly find yourself in the open space and the tornado is moving on you - run away from it.

If you do not have time to escape — find a hole in the ground and hide there. Face the ground and put your hands on your head.

It is interesting to know that scientists from the University of California at Berkeley suggest that birds may feel the approaching tornado. In May 2013, a team of scientists conducted observations of birds, when it was notified of the impending tornado.

Ornithologists have supplied Golden-winged warblers songbirds with geolocators. After the storm has dissipated, the scientists caught five warblers and removed geolocators from them. The instruments showed that 1-2 days before the storm birds left the area of tornado passage, and after the end of inclement weather they immediately returned home.

Studying natural phenomena, such as tornadoes, whirlwinds and hurricanes, the researchers were able to determine the mechanical processes of their origin. But scientists do not yet have explanations of the true reasons why these natural phenomena are born and exist, following the laws of spiral motion.

The form of spirals plays a special role in the micro and macrocosm of the Universe. This is due to in-depth physics, a structured course of energy, storage and exchange of information.

The spiral movement at the microlevel of the smallest Po particles, which science has not yet reached in its research, fractally determines the subsequent spiral movement at the macro level: elementary particles, atoms, molecules, particles of dusty plasma, hurricanes, planets, stars, galaxies and other macro objects of the Universe.

More detailed information can be found in the unique report of ALLATRA SCIENCE scientists - “PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS”.



“A group of scientists of ALLATRA International Public Movement discovered another unusual phenomenon related to the change in the intensity of the septon field of the Earth. They identified a previously unknown fact that takes place prior to a natural disaster: literally 7-8 hours before a tornado occurs, there is a sharp increase in the septon field intensity in the places of its origin and along its further route.

But it is too early to draw any conclusions, since this phenomenon has been discovered only recently and requires further, more detailed investigation.”  -- stated in the report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems“ issued in 2014 year.

A septon field is the basis of the material Universe. This field is everywhere. It forms the basis of all known and unknown (to official science) fields and interactions, material objects, organic and non-organic combinations and so on.

The septon field may be found in all living and nonliving objects and phenomena. For example, the Earth has its septon field too. And as in cases with other objects it activates before certain phenomena happen. It was noticed that almost 7-8 hours before a tornado there is a drastic rise of the septon field intensity in the places where it originates and on its way.

According to the latest research in the sphere of seismology and volcanology, conducted  by the scientists of the ALLATRA International Public Movement, in “focal” areas of our planet there is a rise of the septon field intensity and its alterations before earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

As practice has shown, it is possible not only to study, but also to manage these processes, to obtain an accurate forecast of natural phenomena. You can learn more about the septon field and its manifestations from the “Septon Interaction of Nature“ programs.


Cristoffer Björkwall (StormChasingUSA), video-interview for ALLATRA TV

Participants of “ALLATRA” IPM conducted a video-interview with Christopher, a Swedish tornado hunter. His rich experience can be seen on the pages in social networks. There are numerous photos and videos of  tornado. Christopher from Storm Chasing USA gladly answered the ALLATRA TV questions.

— Hello! How do tornadoes form?

Christopher: In general, the tornadoes form consequences to a thunderstorm activities. I mean this is a complex process. But the tornado forms under what is called a mesocyclone supercell thunderstorm formation. I do not know how to describe that in simpler words, but the tornado forms not just from any cloud, it should be a thunderstorm cloud, there should be a rotating upstream.

This is what it should be...In general, not necessarily, but it is a very common consequence of supercell. At least some kind of mesocyclone formation, which essentially means that there is a thunder with a strong upward flow and rotation of thunderstorms, that is why we do not know exactly when and how, or under what circumstance, it can formate.  

— Have you lately observed an increase in power of tornadoes?

Christopher:  Regarding the hurricanes (honestly I am not a specialist of this area), they are truly becoming more powerful. And they are becoming more powerful because of the water force, which becomes warmer. In other words, if the temperature on the planet will increase (what most likely is happening), and they are getting more energy, thus the hurricanes become more powerful.

— It is very important for people to unite all over the world and help each other. Have you seen such an examples of the unity?

Christopher: Regarding this, there is a lot of stories about people, who got in trouble, how they are uniting, how they are helping each other during the tornado. Especially like the Joplin and many others. I mean, this is a start of people uniting, especially in the part of US, how I am thinking. And the people are truly trying to help each other.

— What do you think, how important is it  to be friendly with one another helping each other in extreme situations?

Christopher: As a human I think it’s obvious that in a moment of the catastrophics it is important to act with  friendship towards each other. I think, that these kinds of catastrophics like tsunami, hurricanes and tornadoes open up the greatest human qualities as well as the worsts, and..I assume that for example, some people can use the situation, but I aslo...

I think, that in general the catastrophics are removing all the superficial, that we are creating all the differences, which we have, for example, in public life, and we are coming back to the basis of human nature, which is in a same time is more aggressive towards us and more friendly.

But what is uniting people, in my opinion, is a human attitude towards it. I assume that when you are not facing the issues of a life and death, then you….I think people are always trying. They are trying to collaborate and work together. They are trying to collaborate and work together, to give and to share.

I think  — the most important is to understand that everything starts within yourself. It is not starting with someone else. And simply not to think that, that...If I am only myself will do it, what the difference will it make. Everything must begin with you as a Personality.



Fragment from the programme​ «Се грядёт. It is coming»

Igor Mikhailovich Danilov: ...the Humanity can be united in order to stand up to anything. It’s understood that it’s too late to expand the story and to do anything. Doesn't matter how much we want, we can not come to that, we past the time in order for everything went smoothly, and there would not be any catastrophes - they will be, this is inevitably. The question is how we will pass this period of time, with what outcome. It’s how that patient  who continued to smoke and break the diet, despite the diagnosis.And how will it end? The same as for that patient? Or there will be the chance to survive? To survive, with the majority of a humankind. And here…. Here is where the legend is born, which were here in the past time, only the loyal will survive.

And it did not mean that they would gain Eternal Life for some merit here in front of someone, No.

That meant a banal story that repeats itself. It is clear that only those who unite in a different understanding can survive. Not in the physical factor, who is stronger and who has more weapons, and who can take away things from whom.

Although with the current development of the situation it will be so. But this is also not for long. Everything ends very quickly and the conditions are extremely difficult. Well, it's going to be over.

Or there is a different situation. When people will take decisive steps, and it was here that it was said that they would be able to unite and be able to resist. Then it won't be scary when some people move from one place of the planet to another. Everywhere we have space. We can sleep and go to work in turns. The main thing is that everyone is alive and well. It is not that? And everyone is within Love.

But this is possible only when understanding is achieved in every family, in every human, and when all of the humanity become one family.

And this is possible only within the Truth, within Love, and within truly spiritual freedom.

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