Catastrophic melting of GLACIERS! What scientists and witnesses say. Climate Control 110

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How glaciers affect the climate of the planet? The catastrophic melting of glaciers in numbers. Fires beyond the Arctic Circle. What do respectable scientists of the world warn about?!

Experts estimated that if the entire ice cover melts, the sea level will rise by at least 60-70 meters, which will lead to a global catastrophe.
What are the ways out of this situation?

Melting glaciers also stimulate volcanic activity.
The melting rate of permafrost exceeds the forecasts.
What causes such a rapid heating of the Earth?
Watch in this episode - opinions of scientists, interviews of experts and an eyewitness-traveler, of the program Climate Control the ALLATRA TV channel.

“Global climate changes on Earth occur due to circumstances independent of mankind and require real consolidation of the efforts of all people on the planet for the survival of civilization in the near future, and every inhabitant of our planet should think about it” read more about the climatic situation in the world and the ways out in the report of ALLATRA SCIENCE scientists
”On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”on the website

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 A very relevant program due to dramatic climate change in the coming years !!!

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