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Is the weather forecast canceled?! Will Global Warming be replaced by Ice Age? Rossby Waves

The scorching heat is continuing in many regions of the planet New temperature records are being set. Bush fires are covering territories which were unreachable for them before. According to the scientists’ prognosis, increase in the air temperature will be seen on the planet for the next 5 years. While in oceans, such tendency may continue for a longer period of time. How does global warming affect the Great Barrier Reef?

Heat! What are the reasons? Abnormal weather! What is happening now to Earth? Scientists noted that climatic events on the planet are cyclical and are repeating, accordingly to different sources, every 9-13 thousand years.

Climatologists can’t keep up with so high number of abnormalities to make forecasts. Rossby waves. Their significant influence on planetary climate.

Why have been Rossby waves changing in recent years? Opinions of scientists. Watch in the programme “Climate Control” №107 on ALLATRA TV.

The programme “It is Coming. Се грядёт.


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Climate Control on ALLATRA TV