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Weekly Report on Natural Disasters #2. Anomaly in UAE, Storms in France & Spain, Floods in Indonesia

Irreversible changes on the planet are becoming evident: severe weather anomalies are causing colossal destruction and loss of life.

We present to you an overview of climate events that occurred on the planet from March 10th to March 16th, 2024.

UAE. Anomalous Precipitation and Flooding
In the UAE, an "orange" level of danger was declared on March 9th and 10th due to powerful downpours. In Dubai, nearly 50 millimeters of rain fell in just six hours — almost half of the annual rainfall norm in this desert region.
In some areas of Dubai, cars were halfway submerged, the ground floors of buildings were flooded, and trees were toppled. The abnormal rains caused disruptions to the schedules of international flights in one of the world's busiest airports. 

France, Spain. Storm Monica
Across France, starting from March 8th, Storm Monica brought heavy rains. In some southern regions, over 300 millimeters of rain fell within 48 hours. 
Storm Monica in France resulted in the deaths of 7 people, with one person listed as missing. Significant damage was inflicted on infrastructure and property.
In Spain, Storm Monica brought heavy rain, snow, strong winds, and a powerful sea storm. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Barcelona, three people went missing. 
Indonesia. Deadly Floods
An anomalous amount of rainfall hit West Sumatra province in Indonesia. As a result, 12 districts and cities in West Sumatra suffered from massive floods and landslides. 
At least 30 people have been reported dead. More than 37,000 houses have been flooded, and over 76,000 people have been evacuated.

Argentina. Series of Storms with Heavy Rain, Thunderstorms, and Giant Hail
On Tuesday, March 12th, a powerful storm suddenly hit the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, and its suburbs, bringing torrential rain, thunderstorms, and hail. In less than three hours, the amount of rainfall reached a historical monthly average for March.

Russia. Strongest Cyclone in Kamchatka
On March 14th, the strongest cyclone of the year hit the southern regions of Kamchatka, Russia. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was at the epicenter of the cyclone. Storm warnings were issued in the waters of the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

United States. Winter Storms and Tornadoes
A deadly outbreak of severe weather hit the Southern Plains and the Midwest.
On the evening of March 13th, a strong tornado was spotted northeast of Kansas near Alta Vista. At the same time, the NOAA Storm Prediction Center received over 150 reports of hail. 
On Thursday, March 14th, more than 6 tornadoes swept through Indiana and Ohio. At least 58 people were injured. According to official data, an EF3 tornado in Logan County, Ohio, resulted in the deaths of three people. 

With each passing day, the situation on the planet is getting worse, and forecasts indicate that it will only continue to worsen. We recommend you watch the online forum "Global Crisis. The Responsibility" to find out how to address the real cause of climate change and learn what can help stop the escalating climate disasters worldwide.

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