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Weekly Report on Natural Disasters #5. Earthquake in Taiwan, Flood in Saudi Arabia, Storms in the US

Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake Hits Taiwan!
On April 3rd, the island of Taiwan experienced its most powerful earthquake in the last 25 years, measuring 7.4 in magnitude. The disaster struck at 7:58 local time. The epicenter was located at sea, 15.5 miles southeast of Hualien County, with a focal depth of 9.6 miles.

Dust storms have covered various countries around the world.
Unusually strong dust storms hit the planet in late March 2024. A giant dust cloud from the Sahara Desert passed over North Africa, affecting Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. Moving further, it reached the Iberian Peninsula, spreading inland and significantly polluting the air in European countries. Residents of Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Greece, Romania, and others were affected by the Saharan dust.

Unprecedented floods in Saudi Arabia.
Since March 29, something unprecedented has been happening in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: incessant heavy rains with thunderstorms and hail are disturbing residents across various regions of the country. On March 31, torrential rains with hail hit the southwest of Saudi Arabia, and in some regions, even snowfall occurred.

Destructive Storms and Tornado in India.
On March 31st, a severe storm brought massive destruction to four states in India: West Bengal, Assam, Mizoram, and Manipur.
The storm caused significant damage to the international airport in Guwahati. Many flights had to be canceled. The Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal was the hardest hit, as a tornado and heavy hailstorm struck it on Sunday evening.

Series of Powerful Storms in the USA.
April began with strong storms that covered a vast area from the central states to the northeast of the USA. The storms brought abnormal rainfall, thunderstorms, large hail, and dozens of tornadoes that hit states from Texas to Ohio. Strong winds knocked down trees, toppled power line poles, ripped roofs off houses, and overturned vehicles. The storms claimed the lives of four people, and dozens were injured.

Extreme weather events worldwide are not only becoming more frequent but also more destructive. This is because changes are occurring within the depths of our planet. To learn more about what is causing these changes and what awaits us in the next 5 years, watch the "Global Crisis. The Responsibility" Forum.

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