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Weekly Report on Natural Disasters #4. Earthquake in Indonesia, Snowfall in Europe, Floods in Brazil

Earthquake M6.5 in Indonesia
On March 22nd, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake rocked the Tuban area in East Java province. The epicenter of the earthquake was in the sea, approximately 70.8 miles northeast of Tuban, with a depth of 7.5 miles.  This earthquake was preceded by two shocks of magnitudes 6.0 and 5.3. The earthquake caused significant damage to the island of Bawean, Gresik district. 

Destructive Floods in Brazil
Since March 22nd, abnormally heavy rains have battered Brazil, causing destructive floods and landslides, resulting in the deaths of at least 28 people. According to the city hall of Para de Minas, Minas Gerais state, the storm was the strongest in the city's history; 5.1 inches of rainfall fell in less than 2 hours. In the state of Rio de Janeiro, the city of Petropolis suffered the most damage. Almost two months' worth of rainfall fell here within 24 hours, resulting in over 200 landslides in the city.

Massive Flooding in Kenya
Residents of Nairobi, Kenya, are experiencing massive flooding after heavy rains hit the city on Sunday, March 24th. Continuous rains were observed in all 17 districts of the city, rendering roads impassable. Due to the powerful flooding, rail services were disrupted due to road damage. The Nairobi expressway was flooded knee-deep, creating obstacles for vehicular traffic. As a result of the flooding, at least 10 people died and remain missing, with around 1180 families affected.

Sharp Temperature Drop and Sudden Snowfall in Europe
At the end of March, a sharp cooling and snowfall replaced almost summer-like heat in several European countries. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, on March 24th, heavy snowfall followed a temperature drop during the day, much to the surprise of locals. A sharp temperature drop also occurred in Montenegro and Croatia. On the same day, much of Slovenia was hit by a storm with heavy rain and wind, accompanied by hail in some areas. 

Squally Wind and Massive Hail in China
On March 25th, a strong convective storm hit the province of Zhejiang in China: thunderstorms, strong winds, and hail were reported in many areas. In Chun'an County, a red warning for thunderstorms and strong winds was issued.
Strong winds knocked down a wall near the southern road of Huanchen in Taizhou County, where a car crashed. Massive hail, the size of eggs, caused significant damage to vehicles on the roads.

Anomalous Floods in Kazakhstan
The spring flood became a real natural disaster for the residents of Kazakhstan. Villages, roads, private and multi-story houses were flooded in the regions of Kostanay, Aktobe, Akmola, Abai, and West Kazakhstan. Mass evacuation of people from affected regions was carried out.

Wave of Forest Fires in Mexico
In recent days, a wave of forest fires engulfing Mexico in March of this year is spreading at a catastrophic pace. Over three days, the number of active forest fires in the country doubled. As of March 28th, 126 active fires covered more than half of the country's states. The most affected is the most densely populated state – Mexico.

!!! Unfortunately, before our eyes, the forecast of an international group of scientists is confirmed: due to the catastrophic progression of catastrophes on the planet, life in many territories will be impossible within the next 4-6 years.

For more detailed information on what can be done now to prevent a global catastrophe, see the "Global Crisis. The Responsibility" Forum.

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