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Weekly Report on Natural Disasters #6. Earthquake & Tornadoes in USA, Floods in Russia, Storm in UK

Anomalous Floods in the Russian Federation
The spring floods of 2024 in Russia turned into a real disaster. Record warm temperatures at the beginning of spring led to rapid snowmelt simultaneously in many parts of the country. As a result, the water level in rivers began to rise rapidly, leading to extensive flooding.

Atypical M4.8 Earthquake in New Jersey
On April 5 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, at 10:23 a.m. Eastern Time, a magnitude 4.8 earthquake was recorded. According to the US Geological Survey, the tremor occurred at a depth of 2.9 miles. Since the seismic event, there have been 50 aftershocks.

Severe Storm in South Africa
On April 6 and 7, strong winds, storms, and torrential rains hit the coastal part of the South African province of Western Cape, including Cape Town.
According to the Western Cape Disaster Management Center, wind speeds reached 99 miles per hour. The wind caused numerous problems, including fallen trees, power outages, and damaged roofs, affecting at least twenty-six schools across the province.

Sudden Storm in Bangladesh
On April 7, a powerful storm hit Bangladesh. In just the Bhola district, more than 7,000 people were affected, dozens were injured, and there are also missing persons.

Storm "Pierrik," United Kingdom, France
At the beginning of the week, Storm "Pierrik" hit some parts of the United Kingdom and France.
In French Normandy, it brought winds of nearly 75 miles per hour and high waves.
In the Brittany region on April 9, huge waves caused by the storm breached a dam in the coastal city of Saint-Malo, flooding the streets. On the same day, during a powerful tide in the English Channel, two fishermen drowned.
Storm "Pierrik" also raged in the south of the United Kingdom. In Falmouth, Cornwall, England, beach huts were washed into the sea by strong winds. 

Destructive Storms and Tornadoes in the United States
A swath of deadly storms spanning over 650 miles hit the southern United States from Houston to the Florida Panhandle.
On April 10, the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, was flooded within a few hours. The rain was so heavy that more than half of the monthly rainfall norm fell within an hour.
In addition to torrential rains, several tornadoes tore through the state, and destructive winds exceeding 78 miles per hour raged. An EF-2 tornado passed about a mile through Lake Charles with wind speeds of 115 miles per hour. It tore off roofs and destroyed power lines.

!!! Every month, hundreds of heat records are broken, anomalous storms and floods occur, affecting hundreds of thousands of people every week. However, despite gloomy forecasts, there is a chance to change the scenario. The "Global Crisis. Responsibility" forum provides answers to questions about how to prevent a global catastrophe and what everyone can do to help.

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