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Weekly Report on Natural Disasters #11. Huge Floods in Brazil and Afghanistan, Wildfires in Canada

Historic Floods in Brazil

The southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, is experiencing an unprecedented natural disaster.

Abnormal rains and severe floods have already affected 401 out of 497 municipalities. The state government has declared a state of emergency.

The tragedy has claimed the lives of 151 people, injured 806, and 104 people are still reported missing. The number of affected individuals has already exceeded 2 million, with more than 600,000 forced to leave their homes.

Unusual Polar Auroras

The most powerful G5-class solar storm hit Earth's atmosphere on May 10.
The polar auroras ceased to be polar and descended extremely close to the equator this time.
The aurora was observed in Namibia (latitude 23° S) and the Canary Islands (28° N).
Social media was flooded with photos and videos of people against the backdrop of auroras in pink, red, violet, and other atypical shades.
Unfortunately, there is nothing to celebrate here. A year ago, during the forum "Global Crisis. There Is a Way Out," it was explained in detail why the appearance of red auroras is an indicator of catastrophic danger for people and how this phenomenon will worsen.
The geomagnetic storm on May 11 became the most powerful in the 21st century!

Deadly Lahar in Indonesia

On May 11, record rains triggered a catastrophe in West Sumatra province, Indonesia. Torrential floods, landslides, and lahar from Mount Marapi claimed the lives of 58 people, with 35 still missing. Thirty-three people were injured.

Mud and ash flows poured down from the mountain onto residential areas, sweeping away everything in their path. Sixteen bridges and more than 100 houses were flooded, and three houses were completely washed away. As a result of the natural disaster, over 1,500 families were left homeless.

Devastating Flood in Afghanistan

Survivors of the catastrophic flood in Afghanistan are still searching for missing relatives and burying the dead.

On May 10, abnormal rains hit the north, center, and west of the country. They caused destructive torrential floods and landslides, resulting in casualties and severe damage.
Rescuers pulled people directly from the raging mudflows.
Preliminary data indicate that more than 330 people have already died, including 51 children, and over 1,600 people have been injured.
The three most affected provinces are Baghlan, Takhar, and Badakhshan.
In Baghlan province alone, 12,000 houses were destroyed. About 40,000 children were left homeless.

Massive Disaster in India

On May 10, a powerful dust storm swept through the Indian capital, Delhi, resulting in the deaths of 2 people and serious injuries to 23 others.
On May 13, in the city of Mumbai, a massive advertising billboard over 100 feet high collapsed onto a gas station along a busy road due to storm winds. At the time, more than 100 people were at the gas station, many of whom were trapped under the twisted metal structures. Rescue operations lasted 18 hours. The work was complicated by the fact that cutting equipment could not be used to free people due to the danger of an explosion at the gas station. The incident claimed at least 14 lives and injured 74 people.

Major Wildfires in Canada

In western Canada, firefighters are battling the first major wildfires of 2024. Unseasonably high temperatures and ongoing drought have dried out the forests, aiding the spread of the fires. According to the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre, there are more than 130 fires burning across Canada, 40 of which are considered out of control.

Major wildfires have also led to evacuation orders in the province of Manitoba and alerts in the province of Alberta. In Manitoba, as of Monday, the fire had burned over 86,000 acres of land. The fire damaged fiber-optic cables, leaving some communities completely disconnected, and most ATMs out of service, causing residents to run out of cash.

As a result of the fires sweeping the country, hazardous smoke plumes have spread across Canada and the USA.

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