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Weekly Report on Natural Disasters #8. Earthquakes in Taiwan & Turkey. Floods in China & Kazakhstan

Earthquake M 5.6 in Turkey
On April 18, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 occurred in Turkey. The epicenter was in the Sulusaray district of Tokat province, approximately 280 miles east of the capital, Ankara.
It was determined that the earthquake occurred at a depth of 5.99 kilometers. Tremors were felt in other provinces as well: Nevşehir, Sivas, Samsun, Erzurum, Çorum, and Amasya.

Powerful Storm in Vietnam
From April 19 to 20, powerful storms with thunder, hail, and heavy rains struck northern Vietnam. In the capital city, Hanoi, there were prolonged thunderstorms, and in some places, tornadoes and hail, causing significant damage to property.

Massive Flooding in China
Since Friday, April 19, Guangdong Province in China continues to suffer from heavy rains.
In Shaoguan County, by April 21, an astounding amount of rainfall—23 inches— had fallen, significantly exceeding the record of 16.4 inches set the previous year.

Earthquakes M 6.3 and M 6.0 on Taiwan Island
On April 23, in Hualien County on the east coast of Taiwan, two powerful earthquakes with magnitudes of 6 and above occurred within just 6 minutes.
The first earthquake with a magnitude of 6.0 was recorded at 2:26 am. The epicenter was off the coast of Hualien County in the Pacific Ocean, with a depth of 6.21 miles.

Sudden Flooding in Kenya
Kenya experienced a powerful sudden flood, affecting nearly half of the country's territory. At least 38 deaths have been reported, with around 103,500 people affected.

Sandstorm in Greece
On April 23, the sky above Athens and other Greek cities turned into an apocalyptic reddish-orange color.

Anomalous Flooding in Kazakhstan
Anomalous spring floods in Kazakhstan continue. A state of emergency has been declared in 10 out of 17 regions of the country.

Our society is approaching a period where climate disasters like the flooding in Kazakhstan will occur more frequently.

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