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How to survive a volcanic eruption. MEMO

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How to survive a volcanic eruption. MEMO

“Global climate change is one of the most important international problems of the 21st  century. The overall rapid increase in the dynamics of cataclysms, which has been observed in recent decades, is particularly alarming.“- (The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”

Rapidly growing climatic events around the world point to the urgent need of possessing knowledge; that will help to survive in some extreme climatic situations.

This memo contains information on how to increase our chances of survival during the eruption of volcanoes, and the survival and unity of people being close to the scene of event. 
Despite the fact that very often volcanic eruptions bring dramatic consequences, it is really possible to survive, if we know how to act in such situation.
In most cases, the activation of the volcanic eruptions is accompanied with the following natural processes, which represent  a great threat to people’s  lives: 

1. With the explosion of the volcano from the crater rocks thrown out, the so-called volcanic bombs.
2. Besides lava, there are pyroclastic flows which is a mixture of ash, rocks, and gases moving at high speed and temperature. 
3. Sudden floods, debris flows.
4. Earthquakes. 

If the eruption caught you at home or in a building:

  • Close tightly all windows, doors, vents, and smoke dampers.
  • If there are some people in the house  with you (relatives, friends, acquaintances or strangers) - it is important to come together and act together. To remain calm and not to panic in any case. It is important to remember that only self-control, joint efforts of actions greatly increase the chances of overcoming any natural disasters. 
  • Move the animals indoors.
  • Park the vehicles in the garage.
  • Stock up autonomous sources of light and heat, water, and food for several days.
  • It is not recommended to hide in basements, because there is the risk of being buried under a layer of mud and ash.

If the eruption caught you outdoors, take the  following actions:

Protect your head and the rest of the body from the ashes and stones. Pay particular attention to the protection of the respiratory organs, if possible, use a respirator or gas mask. Warm and thick clothing will help you to avoid burns. Try to stay at elevated places, avoiding valleys, and rivers. Help children and the elderly, to get there.
After surviving the eruption, before you go out, you need to wear protective clothing and goggles, to prevent burns. Be sure to protect the respiratory system, for example, a gauze mask.
Do not immediately after ash fallout use car to leave the eruption area, the vehicle will be disabled very fast. 
It is recommended to clean the roof of the house or shelter from the ash and other volcanic emissions, otherwise, the roof structure can not withstand the enormous weight.
Be attentive to the people around you. Provide assistance to those who need it. Only by uniting joint efforts, we can overcome any disasters and their consequences.  When we work together, we are extremely stronger.  While helping a person, we first  help ourselves, because we may  need the same help at a different time. As stated in the book, by Anastasia Novykh "Sensei I":

“Human life is invaluable… You should respect human life because one day you may happen to be in his place… Or maybe one day he will save your life. Because it is very likely that when you are in trouble it will be this human who will appear to give you a helping hand and save you. Because life is unpredictable and anything might happen in it – even the most unbelievable things that you cannot imagine.”


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