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Climate is Changing! Heat in Siberia. Floods in Desert. Earthquakes in Greece. Storm in Indonesia

The strength and frequency of earthquakes are increasing throughout the planet. Usually, they do not last long, only for a few seconds. In rare cases during very strong seismic events - up to several minutes. Sometimes, they cause serious damage and take away the most valuable thing - people's lives.  Several major earthquakes have been recorded over the past week. 

At the end of April 2020, residents of Uzbekistan suffered from a severe storm.  A few days later, a devastating tornado swept through Kazakhstan.  Heavy rains and flood-producing storms took place in some cities of Kyrgyzstan and Russia. 

Large-scale floods are already a global problem in many countries of the world. Since the beginning of 2020, hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by floods and landslides in Indonesia. This month, residents of the country faced the consequences of severe flooding again. 

In early May 2020, a cold front from Antarctica covered all of Australia. The southeast of the continent recorded the lowest temperatures in recent decades. And the inhabitants of Siberia and the Trans-Urals experienced an unprecedentedly hot April.

Understanding the importance of truthfully and promptly covering climate news, on the platform of the ALLATRA International Movement, the ALLATRA GEOCENTER project is being implemented. This is an information and analytical portal with current news and articles on climate change on the planet, as well as operational information about disasters. The causes of global climate change are astronomical processes that occur on our planet in cycles. And the fact that these changes will affect the life of every person is an indisputable fact. And it depends on the choice of each person how we will go through this period of climatic tests. It is not in our power to influence the climate, but together we can do a lot. Advance preparation and combining of scientific knowledge and experience, skills and abilities of all the inhabitants of the planet, gives us the chance to go through this period with minimal losses. And this is possible only with a creative vector of development of society.

ALLATRA International Public Movement serves as a platform to implement the project “THE CREATIVE SOCIETY” 



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