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MILLIONS of people were affected → Cyclone Amphan in India. Earthquakes → USA, Japan and China

Tropical cyclone Amphan in India Devastating Typhoon Ambo in the Philippines Strong earthquakes in the US, Japan and China Heavy flooding in Italy, France, the United States and large hail in Mexico Abnormal heat in Cyprus and Turkey Tropical cyclone Amphan in India On may 20, 2020, an extremely dangerous tropical cyclone "Amphan" hit India and Bangladesh. Becoming the strongest cyclone in the Bay of Bengal in the last 100 years. The wind speed in the ocean reached 220 km/h. Unfortunately, many people died. Most of the fatalities were caused by falling trees or electric shock. When the cyclone made landfall , it corresponded to a category three hurricane. The storm with wind gusts of up to 185 km/h demolished roofs, uprooted trees and cut power lines. In the Sundarbans region, the storm completely destroyed about 26,000 homes and damaged another 14,000. More than 3 million people were evacuated. The next day, the storm surge destroyed thousands of homes, washed out roads, destroyed crops, and led to flooding. Residents of the city of Calcutta felt the brunt of cyclone Amphan, which demolished roofs of buildings, smashed Windows, felled trees and overturned cars. The local airport was flooded. In Bangladesh, some villages are completely submerged. Millions of people were left without electricity or telephone service, and some areas were left without drinking water. 24 districts of East Midnapur district in West Bengal are completely paralyzed and devastated by cyclone Amfan. The consequences of the disaster affected not only the residents of India and Bangladesh. In Indonesia, a powerful tornado swept through, and a week earlier, Typhoon Vongfong hit the Philippines   Devastating Typhoon Ambo in the Philippines The consequences of the disaster affected not only the residents of India and Bangladesh. In Indonesia, a powerful tornado swept through, and a week earlier, Typhoon Vongfong hit the Philippines” On may 14, 2020, the Philippines was hit by a powerful Typhoon "Ambo", whose international name is"Vongfong". The Typhoon wreaked havoc in various parts of the island nation. Unfortunately, there are dead, and several dozen people were injured. More than 300 thousand people were evacuated. On the island of Samar, the Typhoon hit with the force of a category three hurricane. Heavy downpours and wind gusts of up to 190 km / h damaged hundreds of homes. In the province of Eastern Samar, crops and fishing boats were damaged due to the elements. On Masbate island and in parts of Quezon province, strong winds damaged power lines, leaving 30 cities without electricity. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that the climate is not just changing, but as Igor Mikhailovich Danilov accurately noted in the program "climate Change. The beginning of a big trouble" that the climate is not changing and it is falling apart. Because it is not possible to accurately predict the weather. now in Ukraine, agricultural crops are being sown and the calendar that was compiled for decades by our grandparents is no longer valid. I observe confusion among farmers about which seeds to plant and when. And this is what every region of our planet faces. You understand that it is very difficult to cope alone , individually. but there is definitely a way out in consolidation and unification.   Strong earthquakes in the US, Japan and China Powerful earthquakes continue to shake the planet. In the next story, a reporter from ALLATRA TV will talk about some strong earthquakes, with a magnitude higher than 5, that have occurred over the past two weeks. On may 11, 2020, an earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred near Honshu island in Japan in the Pacific ocean. the tremors were felt by residents of Tokyo and nearby localities. There was no information about damage or the threat of a tsunami. On may 15, 2020, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in the Western United States on the border of the three States of Nevada, California and Utah, followed by aftershocks of up to 5.1 magnitude. Tremors were felt in cities such as Las Vegas, salt lake city, Fresno, and even in the vicinity of San Francisco. Numerous cracks were recorded in buildings. On may 18, 2020, a series of earthquakes affected residents of Yunnan province (China). The magnitude of these seismic events ranged from 4.8 to 5.2. unfortunately, people were killed and many were injured. Several buildings were damaged. The tremors caused landslides on roads and damaged several communication base stations. Earthquakes annually leave a huge number of people without a roof over their heads. And only under the condition of creative development of society to replace the existing consumer society, in modern civilization it is possible to treat each person with care and attention. In a situation where you have to rely only on your own strength, the outstretched hand of friendship to your neighbor, the search for common ground will help save many lives. Our future depends only on us, billions of people.   Heavy flooding in Italy, France, the United States and large hail in Mexico On may 15, 2020, heavy downpours occurred in the Northern parts of Italy. In just a few hours, about 130 mm of rain fell in Milan, which is a two-month norm in may. This caused the Seveso river to flood and several areas of the city to flood. The water level in some places rose to the middle of the first floor, which made it necessary to evacuate people. In some areas, there were power outages due to the elements. There was also a flood on the Lambro river. On may 11, 2020, heavy rains caused flooding in many departments of France. In some areas, more than 130 mm of rain fell within 36 hours, which is significantly higher than the monthly norm. And in the commune of Le Ventrou, about 260 mm of rain fell during the same period. In Cannes, up to 100 mm of rain fell, which is almost twice the monthly norm in may. In Paris, from 10 to 11 may 2020, 60 mm of rain fell, which is the monthly norm. Homes and more than 90 roads in cities were flooded, and dozens of highways had to be closed. Since may 14, 2020, the States of Louisiana and Texas, USA have been hit by very heavy downpours, which led to large-scale flooding. Houses and roads were flooded, which led to an urgent evacuation of people. About 400 mm of rain fell near Covington, Louisiana, which is 3.5 times the monthly norm in may. In some areas of Southeast Texas, more than 250 mm of rain fell, which is almost double the norm in may. The abundance and speed of precipitation led to road flooding. It is now the rainy season in this region, but this amount of precipitation is abnormal. On the same day, large hail fell in Mexico in the state of Nuevo Leon and on may 18 in the state of San Luis potosí. Some of the hailstones were the size of a hand. The disaster caused damage to crops in the fields, damaged homes and cars, and there were problems with electricity supply. Abnormal heat in Cyprus and Turkey In the East of the Mediterranean, a strong heat wave has set in. In Turkey, after an abnormal cold snap and snow, in a short period of time, the air temperature rose to record levels for the past 75 years. And in Cyprus, because of the hot weather, the fire situation has become more complicated. In the second half of May 2020, a "yellow" danger level warning was issued in Cyprus due to abnormally high temperatures. The thermometer rose above the 42°C mark, and did not fall below 20°C at night. Even for this southern island, such weather in May is not typical at all. In some areas, temperatures have almost reached record levels. In this regard, the situation with forest fires on the island has significantly worsened. A "red" hazard warning was issued due to the fire situation . At the same time, in the North-Western part of Turkey, thermometer columns have soared to record levels in recent decades. Across the country, temperatures have risen by 10-12 degrees Celsius above seasonal norms. On May 16 and 17, 2020, some southern cities set record high temperatures for May. So, in Antalya, the thermometer columns showed above +40°C, as a result of which the 75 temperature record was broken. And in the province of Mugla (300 km West of Antalya), the temperature reached +47°C, breaking the temperature record set more than 80 years ago. In General, the air temperature was 9-15°With degrees above seasonal norms. Residents of Antalya, because of the unprecedented heat, were forced to stay at home. I myself, for 6 years of living in Antalya, for the first time did not want to leave the house, escaping from the heat under the air conditioner. But after this heat, no one expected snow. So in the Northern part of Turkey, snow fell on the morning of may 22, and the temperature dropped to 0 (zero) degrees Celsius.




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