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Urgent news. Anomalous snowfalls and earthquakes. Japan. Italy. China. It is coming

In the programme “Се грядет. It is coming”, Igor Mikhailovich Danilov talks about impending climatic events in the world, placing an emphasis on Italy, USA, Japan, and China. Monitoring the climate in these countries shows how global cyclical processes affect the weather already today. In Taiwan on Feb. 6, massive snowfall has brought a record amount of snow, the snow accumulation has reached 2 meters! This caused chaos in the Japanese region of Hokuriku. Anomalous events cause concern to the residents of United States. On Monday, February 5th, Americans became witnesses to anomalous fireballs in the sky and fall of meteorites.

Always current information and recent news on AllatRa TV channel. The climate events going on in the world, up-to-date information about what’s happening with our planet and how, in fact, our climate is changing. What awaits us in the near future. Are we ready for a global climate change when one part of the population will become refugees, and the other -- the hosting party? Am I ready to shelter in my home people who have lost their housing and means of existence? After all, nobody is insured against all kinds of ever-growing risks and any one of us can become a refugee already tomorrow. What are we doing today to have a chance of survival during tomorrow’s events?

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