Urgent News 8. A series of catastrophes. The threat of a supervolcano in Italy. There is a way out!

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How much time does Italy have before cataclysms? When will the local residents be forced to leave their homes? Emergency warning levels of eruption danger. The urgent events in Italy are commented on by the volcanologist, Doctor of Sciences Giuseppe Mastrolorenzo.

Earthquakes in California on March 22 and April 5. Report by an eyewitness. What happened near the coast of California. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions in Papua New Guinea. A series of catastrophes caused not only serious damage and loss of human life, but it united many people around a general misfortune. Mutual aid, humanity and kindness were able to unite people from different tribes into a single family. Medical treatment centers were organized. People understand the importance of helping their neighbours .

It's time to think about the future, no one is safe from the upcoming climatic events. While still in relatively calm conditions, it is important for us all to unite on the basis of creativity and mutual assistance, we must prepare ourselves for what's coming, because the most important thing is to remain human in any situation!

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The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems

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