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DISASTERS NOW! The Most Powerful Cyclone IDAI. Floods. Forest Fires. Africa, America, Europe, Turkey

Climate change is growing increasingly. Information about anomalous, in their strength and location, events is becoming more frequent. 

The UN is concerned about massive destruction and a raging storm that has affected more than 1.5 million people in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, while Bomb hurricane is raging in the US. 

There are more and more floods and their strength increases, hail and snow fall where they are not expected.

Unprecedented heat provokes large-scale fires around the world, while there is an anomalous cold in warm countries. The frightening tendency of sinkholes in different parts of our planet has also appeared.

Spring brings us more and more shocking news, such as: 

- Storm "Idai", flooding in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe
- Floods in Nebraska (USA), UK, Sydney (Australia)
- Bad weather in the USA and abnormal wind in the state of New Mexico
- Abnormal tornado in Germany
- The weakening of the magnetic field and the displacement of the magnetic poles of the Earth
- Abnormally warm February in Belgium
- Forest fires in Spain and Italy
- Seismic activity in February-March: Peru, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile and Japan
- Dips in the ground and sinkholes: Turkey, Kentucky (USA), Nicaragua and Montenegro

Humanity is faced with the acute question - what kind of future do we want to see tomorrow? And if now we do not begin to change ourselves internally, do not think about what will happen to us tomorrow, it will not come at all ...

Only on the basis of mutual assistance and Love, humanity has a chance for salvation ...

Ways to solve and a way out of the current situation, see in the programme on ALLATRA TV: 


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