Disasters that rattled the world in the spring of 2018. It is coming

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Disasters that rattled the world the spring of 2018: A powerful earthquake in the city of Debre Birhan, Africa. Rain with hail the size of a golf-ball in the Asir region, Saudi Arabia. USA, Yellowstone. Activation of Steamboat Geyser. increase of fissures at the Kilauea Volcano. 5.8 magnitude earthquake in the district of Shimane, eruptions of Io Yama Volcano. Explosive activity of the Stromboli Volcano, earthquakes in central part of Italy.

In today’s episode:

Africa: a powerful earthquake in the city of Debre Birhan, torrential rains in Ethiopia, flooding in Kenya, powerful fault in the earth’s crust of African continent.

Saudi Arabia: Asir region suffered from rain and hail the size of a golf-ball, accompanied by snowfall and destructive flooding.

USA: Yellowstone. Activation of Steamboat Geyser, increase in release of helium steam into the atmosphere. Tornadoes in the South and North Carolinas.
Situation in Hawaii: formation of new faults and increase of lava fissures of Kilauea Volcano up to a count of 12, rise in the level of sulfur dioxide in the air. Evacuation of the population.

Japan: Io Yama Volcano, which has been asleep for 250 years, began erupting. 5.8 magnitude earthquake in the city of Shimane.

Italy: earthquake in the central part and powerful explosive activity of Stromboli volcano.

An interview with volcanologist, geologist Dr. Lijun Lee of the University of Illinois, USA.

Look how fragile is the world that we’ve built. Seeing events like these -  there is something for everyone to stop and think about, it’s not too late to unite in love and respect as one family.

As of today, we can say with certainty that the point of no return has passed. The chance of our survival depends on each person’s choice. The climate and our planet are changing: tornadoes, flooding, cracks in earth’s crust, volcano eruptions and earthquakes. What else is awaiting us and our planet in the nearest future.

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