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Magdalen Islands Coastline Erosion, Heavy Rainfall And Gales In Canada

On November 1, heavy rain fell in the eastern provinces of Quebec and Ontario, accompanied by strong winds reaching 110 km/h. There were massive breakdowns of power lines as a result of which 170 thousand residents lost their electricity supply.

The next day, it became known about 3 fatalities, and the number of houses left without electricity increased to 488 thousand. 

A serious problem - erosion of the coastline was encountered by the residents of the Magdalen Islands of Canada. The islands lost 24 cm of coastline each year. But since 2005 losses increased to 46 cm per year.

In this way, on September 8, the storm Dorian hit the islands, the wind speed of which reached 130 km/h. As a result, houses and the coastline were affected.

The process of coastal destruction is also affected by sea level rising by 4 mm per year. It is no longer possible to cope with the consequences of erosion in some areas of the island, and given the ongoing process of coastline destruction, many people will eventually have to leave their homes.

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