Devastating hurricanes and floods. Cataclysms. Social networks help out during NATURAL DISASTERS!

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Today, millions of people around the world are facing climate disasters. And this number is growing rapidly. And no one can say with certainty which force of nature will come to us tomorrow. Hurricanes and floods have struck various regions of our planet: USA and Norway, Belgium and France, Spain and Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland, Greece and Yemen, Indonesia and Vietnam... Even in places, where people had been warned in advance, there were casualties. What is the reason for this? Is it our carelessness or the real unpreparedness of humanity for the ongoing climatic cataclysms?

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1:25 Solomon Islands. The cyclone season in the South Pacific usually begins on November 1 and ends in late April. In 2018, for the first time in almost 70 years, the tropical cyclone Liua has formed in September. This fact made scientists start thinking about such an atypical phenomenon.

1:50 Russian Federation. Nizhegorodsky region. On September 27, an unusual for this area tornado occured. Its name is “ROPE TORNADO”.

2:03 Greece. On September 28, a powerful hurricane occured in the south of Greece in the Ionian Sea. Wind gusts reached speed of 122 km/h. The hurricane, which meteorologists called Xenophon, and the Greek media called Zorbas, passed through the Peloponnesian peninsula, Corinthian isthmus, Attica, and later moved on to the islands of the eastern Aegean Sea and Turkey. Huge waves up to 12 meters high and whirlwind streams of water caused damage to the suburbs - Kalamata, Methoni, and Marathopoli.

2:48 Japan. Typhoon Trami with wind speed of 216 km/h. The typhoon led to landslides near the city of Osaka in the west of the country. Unfortunately, there are casualties. Large-scale destruction has been confirmed in the country.

3:08 United States. An international group of scientists presented research that showed how the warming of the Atlantic Ocean could have caused an increase in the number of hurricanes in 2017. Last year, three of the most powerful hurricanes passed through the USA: Irma, Harvey and Maria. Now new cataclysms continue to attack the USA. One of the most recent ones was Hurricane Florence.

3:52 Interview with Christopher Björkwall (USA) - a tornado watcher. He explained under what conditions a tornado can form and also shared a personal example of people unification when in trouble. Christopher talked about what to do if you happen to be near a tornado.

10:57 Italy. France. The most powerful downpours and floods. Southeastern part of South Sardinia and the metropolitan city of Cagliari suffered from heavy rain.

1:38 Spain, Majorca. On October 10, 2018, 12 people died as a result of massive flooding. In Barcelona, floods ravaged the subway system.

12:26 In France, flooding occurred in the region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. There was flooding and powerful wind gusts up to 100 km/h in the department of Aude.

13:55 Using internet, ALLATRA IPM participants contact eyewitnesses of climatic cataclysms from different parts of the world. Peculiarities of climate change in Italy and examples of mutual assistance among people.

17:45 Italy October 1, 2018. Large hail, snow and strong wind in the region of Liguria.
Reporter for ALLATRA TV from the Russian Federation Maria and an Indonesia resident Ari gave examples of social networks use for interaction and assistance to people after the onset of disasters. Everything depends on people's choice, whereas there are always opportunities.

18:36 USA, category 4 Hurricane Michael reached the shores of Florida. The wind speed was 248 km/h. 
People are creating groups in social networks for self-organization and mutual help.
Indonesia, Sulawesi Island, Palu.
Interview with eyewitness of a recent powerful earthquake and tsunami.  Social networks are used as a tool to interact and help people.

Chile. Drought, fires. Eyewitness report.

“Chileans have like this strong feeling of union whenever there is one of these catastrophes...Right now we're receiving people from Haiti in Chile. And a lot of them are coming because they had an earthquake”.

“Each day we're becoming more and more one culture, like one world culture and sometimes we say like: “Yeah, they're so different. When you go there you realise they're not different and then it's so nice to connect with them. And then you start talking to them and you see that these people are just like you. And it's so nice because there's this cultural syncretism”.

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