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Volcano eruption in the Philippines. 50 thousands people evacuated. What could expect more?

We continue to receive climate news from around the world. Indifferent people share truthful information from the scene.

In this video Dereck Locky Loughlin from Angeles City, Philippines shares information about situation on Philippines. The was Volcano eruption in Philippines, but a new eruption is expected soon. At this moment approximately 50000 evacuated. 

Dereck talked about:

  •  Are people prepared to the coming cataclysms? How the consumer format in the society is limiting chances for survival?
  • How is people's life changing after facing the disasters?
  • What is becoming the most important in such events? 
  • Examples of self-organization of people in Philippines.

The report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth” – this is the ultimate reality of today. We can only state the fact that the events described in the report are becoming the reality within the specified timeframe. In fact, humankind has even less than 50 years: 

Global climate change events, what is coming? Watch more info on AllatRa TV:



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