Earthquake in Alaska. Saudi Arabia: Snow in the Desert. Flood in Mecca. Venice goes Under Water

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Today, weather conditions are changing rapidly across the globe. While some countries are affected by record drought, others suffer from abnormal floods.
Such words as "record" and "abnormal" is heard more often in climate news, but do we pay attention to them? Indeed, unpredictable weather conditions inevitably affect lives of many people and each of us.
In the 21st Breaking News episode on ALLATRA TV:

  • a series of massive floods in the Middle East, in Southeast Asia and South America. Flood in Mecca;
  • snow in Saudi Arabia;
  • large-scale drought in Europe and abnormal heat in Japan;
  • devastating earthquakes on the border of Iran and Iraq; 
  • earthquake in Alaska (USA)
  • a series of unusual tornadoes in Thailand, Italy and USA 
  • abnormal fog and sandstorm in China
  • Venice gradually goes under water (ITALY)

As well as interviews with interesting people, examples of interactions and people’s mutual assistance.
On November 22 heavy rains came to the northern part of Iraq, which is located in the Middle East, and that caused a heavy flooding.
Large-scale flooding continues in the territory of Saudi Arabia. In the 19th episode of the Breaking News it was reported about heavy rains with thunderstorms throughout the country  and a hailstorm that engulfed sand dunes.
On November 20 there was another series of rains. In a matter of days in Saudi Arabia there fell a 6-years' worth of rain. On November 23 information was received that the territory of Mecca was flooded. And in the northern regions of the country -  Ha'il, Al-Jawf and Tabuk it suddenly snowed.
On November 25 Torrential rain shower hit the United Arab Emirates. 2 month' worth of rain fell within several days. Non-stop shower paralyzed traffic in Emirates of Sharjah, Ajman and most of Dubai.

On November 20  in Malaysia due to heavy rain that lasted for a couple of hours, there occurred a major flood.

And in Vietnam that didn't recover from Typhoon Toraji yet, which covered the country on November 18, came  tropical storm "Usagi" on November 25. In the largest city of the country, Ho Chi Minh City, a flood began.
On November 22, a hail storm hit the city of Sucre, Bolivia.  Heavy rains caused a landslide in El Tejar.
While in Spain and Italy incredibly heavy rainfall leads to a flooding, paradoxically, but other European countries still suffer from the ongoing drought since summer, which causes a number of problems for nature and people. One of the obvious causes of the drought is the drying up of water bodies. A story of eyewitnesses from Germany.

In other European countries, the ongoing drought also causes big problems. The risk of fire has increased dramatically.

On November 25 there was a strong 6.3 magnitude earthquake on the border of Iran and Iraq.  As a result 716 people were affected.

In the morning of November 30 in the South of Alaska there occurred a severe 7.0 magnitude earthquake. The epicentre was located 13 km/8.07 miles North of the city Anchorage. The earthquake has significantly damaged the houses and infrastructure.
On November 11, 2018 seismologists around the world recorded a mysterious earthquake. Its echoes were recorded in Africa, New Zealand, Chile, Canada and even on the Hawaiian Islands. Seismic waves continued for more than twenty minutes. 
Thailand. On November 25, 2018 witnesses on the beach of Koh Lipe island managed to record four tornadoes at once.

On December 1-2, a series of devastating tornadoes swept across the US: on the way from Illinois to Georgia, 4 in Oklahoma and 1 in southwest Missouri.

CHINA.On November 25, 2018 a huge sandstorm hit Gansu Province in northwest China. The dust wall has reached a height of 100 m. 

On November 26 there was an abnormal fog in the eastern and southwestern China regions. Visibility was 50m. According to the fog density classification this indicator is higher than the limit value.

From November 30 powerful storms with strong wind gusts that exceeded 70 km/h (43.5 m/h) have swept through the north-west of China .

JAPAN. On November 4 the warm summer weather in Oita Prefecture in southwest Kyushu 80,6 degrees Fahrenheit (+27 degrees Celsius), in West Fukuoka and Central Nara 78,8 (+26) degrees, and in Tokyo 71,6 (+22) degrees.
ITALY. Flooding of the city is faster than it was predicted by the scientists. 

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Almira, ALLATRA TV reporter, Kazakhstan: Hello, this is Breaking News on ALLATRA TV! Such words as "record" and "abnormal" are being heard in climate news more and more often, but do we pay any attention to them? Indeed, unpredictable weather conditions inevitably reflect on the lives of many people and on each of us. Coming up, in this episode.  

  • a series of massive  floods in the Middle East, in South-East Asia
  • large-scale drought in Europe and abnormal heat in Japan
  • devastating earthquakes at Iran–Iraq border; and in the south of Alaska
  • series of unusual tornadoes in Thailand,Italy and USA 
  • Sandstorm in China
  • Venice is gradually sinking under water
As well as interviews with interesting people, examples of interactions and people’s mutual assistance.  More details coming up from ALLATRA TV reporters.


Saudi Arabia, Iraq. Climate breaking news

Faisal, ALLATRA TV reporter, Qatar: Hi, this is Faisal with you from  ALLATRA TV, reporting directly  from Qatar.

On November 22, heavy rains came to the northern part of Iraq located in the Middle East, and that caused heavy flooding in the area. The area of Sharqat in the province of Salah ad-Din suffered massive damage from this rain and massive flooding.The water rose about 2 meters, and  the functioning bridges  and all the cars were washed away. And the public suffered much from this flooding. The inhabitants of Selahaddin, Mosul and Kirkuk also suffered from the force of nature.Local news agencies also reported  that the southern regions of Dhi Qar also suffered from the massive flooding, causing the city to collapse.

The area suffered much from this massive flooding and many people were evacuated to safe places. The nearby places such as Qatar  also suffered much from this flooding. "About three thousand people were left homeless and had to leave their villages,” says Mayor Ali Dodah.

Large-scale flooding continues in the territory of Saudi Arabia. In the 19th episode of the Breaking News, we reported on heavy rains with thunderstorms throughout the country  and a hailstorm that engulfed sand dunes.Saudi Arabia is in an extremely dry climate zone and the rains that are flooding the country have made a 20 year record by now. For example, on November 20th there was another round of rains. In a matter of days in Saudi Arabia, 6-years' worth of rain fell.

According to the Chief Civil Defense Department of Saudi Arabia, unfortunately, there are casualties in ten different regions of the kingdom. More than four thousand people were evacuated by the rescuers.

On November 23th information was received that the territory of Mecca got flooded. In the shots published online, a powerful stream of water can be seen literally demolishing parked cars. Downpours paralyzed traffic throughout the city. The Rashidia region suffered the most. In Mecca itself, the motorways were paralyzed due to heavy flooding. People suffered and many NGOs and government agencies came to the rescue and aid is coming from different parts of the world. Reporting directly from Qatar, with cameraman Hassan, Fasal Rheas. Thank you!


United Arab Emirates. Series of climatic catastrophes

Sergey, ALLATRA TV reporter, UAE: Hello! This is ALLATRA TV reporter, Dubai.

Torrential rain shower fell on the United Arab Emirates on November 25. Two-months norm of precipitation fell within several days. Non-stop shower paralyzed traffic in Emirates of Sharjah, Ajman and most of Dubai. A representative of the National Center for Meteorology noted: “Since 1977 till 2017 the average monthly rainfall in Dubai for November was only 4.4 mm - whereas on Sunday, November 25, in the area of Dubai Airport, 8.2 mm fell out!”

At the same time 59mm of precipitation fell down in the area of Shah Valley in Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. In the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain - 57 mm, in the Jumeirah area of Dubai - 37 mm and in the area of the world's highest building Burj Khalifa 18 mm of precipitation fell.

Visibility reduced to 100 m due to bad weather, and wind gusts reached 40 km/h. Hundreds of cars stuck in huge traffic jams. Those drivers who were suddenly caught up in the lowlands and under the bridges were forced to abandon their vehicles, as the water rose to the roofs of their cars, and in some places completely covered them up. Rainwater has also risen to many houses in the Emirate of Sharjah. Also, the transport situation was aggravated by the fact that an adequate drainage system exists only in the capital of the Emirates - Abu Dhabi and in Dubai.

The climate is changing rapidly and many countries around the world are appearing not ready for atypical weather anomalies. Already today it is worth for each of us to think about the fact that one should, above all, remain a human in any situation. After all, there are already many examples of people overcame and eliminated the effects of the natural disaster in their cities by getting united. Because, the power of people - in unity.


Malaysia, Vietnam, Bolivia. Series of climatic catastrophes

Alexandra, ALLATRA TV reporter, South Korea: Hello! This is ALLATRA TV reporter from South Korea.

In the 20th episode of the Breaking news  the witness from Thailand, Lyon, told about the sudden flood, which was much stronger than usual. Floods still continue to harm more and more countries. Thus, on November 20  in neighboring Malaysia due to heavy rain for several hours there was a major flood. Streets are flooded, houses are damaged. More than 1,080 inhabitants have been evacuated and located to the Support Centres in unflooded areas of Alor Gajah.

And Vietnam didn't get a chance to recover from Typhoon Toraji, which covered the country on November 18, and there came  Tropical Storm Usagi on November 25. As a result, the South-Eastern province of Ninh Thuận, the southern province of Khánh Hòaand also the сentral province of Phú Yên were affected. The cyclone brought heavy rains, which caused flooding in several settlements. The flood began in the largest city in the country, Ho Chi Minh Сity. In some parts of the country, rainfall reached 400 mm, which led to floods.

The water level in the streets rose to 1 meter.The next day, the cars floating on the flooded streets created congestion on the roads. Basements of residential buildings and shops were flooded. A strong wind knocked down a lot of trees, which caused massive failures in the supply of electricity.


About climatic events and mutual aid

Elchin, Member of ALLATRA International Public Movement: Hello! The Earth is our common home. Therefore those problems which the Earth is facing and will face in the nearest future they concern every inhabitant of this home. And the Earth belongs to all people, not to any individual institutions, organizations, etc. The Earth is a home though temporary but for every human.

Therefore all the problems that exist today on Earth relate to each person. And an ostrich attitude meaning “I’m safe now”, anything else does not concern me, “this is not my headache” - it is not effective attitude. Thus, the problems will not be solved by themselves only because we are not paying any attention to them.

On the contrary, if we know what the root of the problem is and how to solve these problems, then, believe me, that everything can be solved very easily. In reality people are able to handle any cataclysm, any catastrophe, at least their consequences,  no matter how terrible and large-scale they are, if they act as  human beings. That is, united, in friendship and mutual assistance.

I would also like to touch upon such a widespread opinion today that supposedly everything that is starting to happen, I mean the global climate change on Earth, it is to one or another extent related to carbon dioxide emissions, anthropogenic factors, deforestation, etc., and etc. In reality it is a blatant lie. People are being drawn away.

They draw people away and divert their attention to absolutely not essential things. Because global climate change on Earth is a derivative of global space processes that occur with a certain regularity every 12,500 years. And many scientists know about it.

But for some reason, the official version says that this is due to deforestation… Today, protests, which are also directed against deforestation, etc., are held in Europe. But, all that time, all this energy, the attention that people focus on participating in such events, could be spent on something that would really benefit, something that would help people to unite while we still have time for this. While there are these relatively calm days. While these cataclysms have not gained such large-scale, destructive scope.




Almira, ALLATRA TV reporter, Kazakhstan: In previous episodes of the Breaking News, the shallowing of the Danube and Rhine rivers was reported. Unfortunately, the drought continues to gain momentum and drain the reservoirs of Germany.


Germany. Climate breaking news

David. ALLATRA TV reporter, Germany: Hello! This is ALLATRA TV reporter from Germany.

It is paradoxical that while Spain and Italy are being flooded by the incredibly heavy rainfalls, the other countries of Europe are suffering from the drought which has lasted since summer and brings a number of issues for the nature and population.

One of the reasonable causes of drought is the water ponds drying. Moreover, the state of reservoirs is of particular importance. On the one hand, they guarantee the supply of water to both people and industry and are used to produce electricity, and on the other hand, they feed larger rivers to protect the fish population and support navigation. We are here at the Möhne reservoir, the filling level of which set a new negative record of 37% (thirty-seven percent).

The Ruhr Area administration provided information on ALLATRA TV's request that  the last ten years have been the driest for the Ruhr River Basin since recording began in 1927. And that,  on November 28, 2018, the dams filling level was 43% with a declining trend. According to the Ruhr area administration water supply is not under threat. However, the first reaction to drought period was to reduce the consumption of water from the reservoirs in order to save the water supply. Similar dramatic effects of drought can be also observed on the condition of the Edersee Reservoir in Hesse, which is the third largest in Germany.

The water level in the lake was reduced for two years in a row, which has a negative effect on its condition.  Local authorities are looking for strategies and solutions to this problem as the reservoir feeds the River Weser and provides navigation. This year the water level in the Lake Edersee dropped to an extent that it is possible to walk over Aseler Bridge, which is usually submerged 20 metres under water.

The city authorities balanced the discharge and withdrawal of water In order to preserve the “ecological balance” of the lake. Also the water ponds situation is very critical in Berlin and Brandenburg. In 2018, only 50% of the usual precipitation rate fell in Berlin. According to Meteogroup forecasts there will be no change in terms of a catastrophic drought during the coming months. Derk Ehlert from the Berlin Office of the Environment is concerned about the coming winter months, since the soil is not saturated at all.

In some parts of Brandenburg, it is forbidden to water winter crops to prevent the drying of the Spree, Havel, and Dahme rivers. In general,  low precipitation rate observed  in Germany since the beginning of 2018. Drought has reached a historical maximum since 1951, while the precipitation is only fifty-four percent of norm.


Almira, ALLATRA TV reporter, Kazakhstan: First-hand information. It is very valuable when people are telling about their observations regarding climate change in the area they live. The participants of ALLATRA TV keep communicating with the eyewitnesses of the events from countries.


Portugal. Climate breaking news

Alena Cardoso Ecologist, Master of Ecological Tourism Faculty, Portugal: I've lived in Portugal not for a long time. I live here for 7 years only. But during the time that I am here in my memory, there have already been 3 such grandiose hurricanes as we’ve got into the winter period and with a lot of casualties.

The wind speed was such that, for example, on the farm, where I live, the roof just flew away. Old people say that this had never happened before. And in general, I can see the way they built their own subsidiary farms. They were definitely not designed for such a wind. I do not think that they are so short-sighted to build in such a way that it would fly away every winter.

According to the sites, according to the meteorological center, they do not say that there really is some danger of a more powerful earthquake. In my opinion it is difficult to say what is the real reason for these changes. Either this is really our fault, I mean, the increase of amount of exhaust emissions in the atmosphere, the ozone hole, etc., but is this really a result of human activity, or  these are global geological processes which last  for a long time and are quite slow.

They have their own cycles. As for the people’s behaviour I have an experience, but it is about the place I live, which is this village. Of course people help each other. Absolutely. We’ve got a generator, for example,  and we carry it to all our neighbours to give them an opportunity to cook some food. I mean, people really come and help each other. The mutual assistance is quite well-developed.


USA. Series of climatic catastrophes

Almira, ALLATRA TV reporter, Kazakhstan: Only during November 2018, eleven powerful earthquakes of magnitude over 6.0 took place. The most powerful of them occurred on November 30 in Alaska, USA, and had a magnitude of 7.2. Four seismic events of magnitude 6.0 took place during first five days of December. One of them was of 7.5 magnitude.  More details about the devastating earthquakes in Alaska, and at Iran–Iraq border are available from the ALLATRA TV reporters.

Olga, ALLATRA TV reporter: Hello! This is ALLATRA TV reporter from the USA - Olga.

In the morning of November 30th in the South of Alaska, a severe 7.0 magnitude earthquake  occured. The epicentre of underground shocks was located in 13 km/8.07 miles to North of  Anchorage city. The centre of the natural disaster lies at the depth of 33km (20.5miles) Seismologists warned the local habitats about the potential threat of tsunami and recommended to leave their homes, but later caution was cancelled. Earthquake caused significant damage on the infrastructure and the houses.

On some buildings cracks appeared, because of the ground cavities, the urban highway was destroyed, All trains were delayed. Several radio stations and telecompanies stopped their work. The local habitats posted loads of video and photos of earthquake on social media, Which are exposed to no comments. No data about injuries was received. A few hours after the main earthquake, a number of aftershocks were recorded. Residents note that those shakes were very noticeable.

Rick Thoman the Climatologist notifies, that he felt the shakes in Fairbanks town, Which is approximately 560km in North to Anchorage. In accordance with Severe earthquake, local government announced emergency regime. It was announced by Bill Walker, the state governor in his twitter page. Alaska is considered one of the most earthquake-prone zones of the USA. Annually, at least one 7.0 to 8.0 magnitude earthquake is registered, more than any state in America. On March 27, 1964 in the northern part of the Gulf of Alaska occurred the strongest earthquake in USA history, which was called the Great Alaskan earthquake, its magnitude was 8.4.

Also on December 1, an earthquake of magnitude 6.3 hit the coast of Indonesia. The push was recorded off the coast of the islands of the Barat Daya island group. The centre of the natural disaster lies at the depth of 140 km. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 371 km east of Dili, the capital of East Timor.


Russian Rederation. An example of helping each other

Almira, ALLATRA TV reporter, Kazakhstan: I am glad that there are no borders for human sympathy, help and friendship. The ALLATRA TV reporter will tell how the inhabitants of Chukotka have reacted to the devastating earthquake in Alaska.

 Hello, Igor! We know, that your friend lives on Alaska in Anchorage city. Do you know what happened to them on 30th November?

Igor Vladimirovich, citizen of Chukotka autonomous region, Russian Federation: Yes. I literally talked to him four days later, there was no good connection. And Seryozhka told me that he lives almost in the center of the city, the earthquake was quite noticeable for them, he says he has been living there for over 15 years, I guess. He says, that he never felt anything like this. Although these shakes happen regularly, here. This was a very strong earthquake and, according to his words, there was much destruction in his apartment. He and his wife cleaned up all day.

They cleaned up this garbage, all the dishes were broken, the TV fell off the wall, the window flew out. The man, who lived there for more than 15 years, these are his words, he says, “I have never felt such a strong earthquake here.”

 Thank you very much.


An earthquake on Alaska. An example of helping each other

Olga, ALLATRA TV reporter, Russian Federation: Chukotka is ready to help and support the people who were suffering by the earthquake. The Governor of Chukotka Autonomous Region wrote a letter of support. The letter reads as follows:

The government of the Chukotka autonomous region confirms its readiness at any time to assist and support the residents of the state of Alaska. On behalf of the government of Chukotka, the residents of the district and myself, I personally express words of compassion to people affected by the earthquake. We wish the people of Alaska strength, resilience and courage.

There is a kind of friendship relationship between the regions. And even if we are separated by country borders, Bering Strait, there is a intent to support in difficult situations, there are no boundaries and it does not depend on nationalities, or finances. On the north, people have been helping each other since ancient times, it is simply not possible to survive here alone. And no matter what the Far North it is - Russian or American, people are united in their good intentions.

As it is mentioned in the report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”: “If people from different countries start to unite independently to address various issues, regardless of nationality, religious beliefs, social or other statuses, outside of political and priestly systems which are aimed at dividing people, then in a short space of time it is quite real to build a global society of creation, the basis of which will be universal spiritual and moral values. We are all human beings, and all of us have the same place of living ‒ the Earth, one nationality – mankind, one common value – life.”


Iraq, Iran, Caribbean, Turkey. Series of climatic catastrophes


Tatiana, ALLATRA TV reporter, Turkey: Hello! This is ALLATRA TV reporter. Turkey.

On November 28,  heavy rain caused flooding that killed two people in the city of Edirne. Both incidents occurred on the street in an attempt to survive. On November 29 at 5:36 am in the Sea of Marmara  at a depth of 6.5 km, an earthquake of magnitude 4 was recorded, which caused panic among the population. On November 25 at a depth of 10 km there was a strong earthquake with M 6.3 at Iran–Iraq border. The epicenter of the earthquake was 20 km  far from the Iranian city Sarpol-e Zahab in Kermanshah Province.

The aftershocks were felt by the residents of Iran and Iraq, as well as Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, Israel, South-Eastern regions of Turkey and northern Saudi Arabia. About half an hour later a major aftershock with M 5.3 occurred in the same area. As a result of a strong earthquake, 716 people were affected. The most serious destruction is observed in the Iranian cities of Sarpol-e Zahab and Shahrak Zerae Gharebagh. As of November 27, quite powerful aftershocks of 4.5 magnitude continue to shake the locality. It is noteworthy that  a year ago, on November 12, 2017, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake occurred at the same place. As a result  8400 people were affected.

On the same day, November 25, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Caribbean Sea off the Colombia coast. The epicenter was 10 km below the surface. It was located 83 km northeast of the San Andrés island, Colombia and 475 km from the capital of Costa Rica. Similarly to Iran–Iraq border earthquake, a series of powerful aftershocks continues here. The major one with 5.6 magnitude occurred on the same day.


Seismic phenomena

Almira, ALLATRA TV reporter, Kazakhstan: On November 11, 24 km from the Mayotte island, France, low-frequency waves were recorded, which spread throughout the planet. Scientists did not give a clear explanation for this phenomenon.

Only one thing is clear, it just indicates active movement processes that are taking place in the tectonics of the planet. ALLATRA TV reporter will tell you more about this.

Oksana, ALLATRA TV reporter, Canada: Hello! This is ALLATRA TV, Vancouver, Canada.

On November 11, 2018 seismologists around the world recorded a mysterious ground shake. Its echoes were recorded in Africa, New Zealand, Chile, Canada and even on the Hawaiian Islands.

Seismic waves continued for more than twenty minutes. However, people say they have not felt anything. Seismologists have suggested that a new volcanic center is being formed between Africa and Madagascar, as The French Geological Survey - BRGM registers earthquakes that have been going on here since May this year. They also report that Mayotte island has moved from its place  for about 6 cm to the East and 3 cm to the South. This may be a coincidence, but a year ago on November 14, 2017, strange fluctuations, not  similar to seismic ones, were recorded by the U.S. Geological Survey, along with the sounds that stunned residents of  Alabama and Idaho.

For more information about these events, watch the programme Climate control. On December 5, 2018, two strong earthquakes occurred at an interval of 4 minutes near the Loyalty Islands (New Caledonia, France), which are located in the Pacific Ocean. The first quake was the magnitude of 6.0. The magnitude of the second one was 7.6. The hypocenter of seismic events was at a depth of 10 km. Such strong quakes were followed by a series of large aftershocks, the magnitude of which was 5.9. In this area another large 6.6 magnitude earthquake occurred. Its epicenter was located 192 km from the settlement Tadine. In New Caledonia a tsunami threat was declared.


Thailand. Climate breaking news

Almira, ALLATRA TV reporter, Kazakhstan: More and more often we hear about tornadoes and destructions. What about a situation when suddenly four tornadoes appear simultaneously from nowhere. Coming up next: unusual multiple tornadoes in Thailand, Italy, and the USA, as well as a sandstorm in China.

Anastasia, ALLATRA TV reporter Thailand​: Hello! This is ALLATRA TV reporter from Thailand.

Off the Ko Lippy island coast, located in the south-west Thailand, tourists were stunned by the frightening force of nature and the speed of change in weather conditions. On November 25, 2018 witnesses on the beach of Ko Lippy island managed to record four tornadoes at once. Witnesses of an unusual sight were seeing that during hot weather clouds appeared from nowhere and quickly turned into dark clouds and 4 waterspouts immediately appeared.

"A waterspout is common in the Andaman Sea coast during the rainy season but it is rare to have four of them at the same time" - said the Weather Forecast Bureau spokesman Surapong Sarapa. On the same day on another coast in Italy (Apulia region, Lecce province, Italy) a local resident Christian Cernuschi recorded a massive water tornado that occurred near the Patu commune coast.  A funnel that formed near the tornado also attracted his attention. According the author of the video, a tornado went through the territory of a small village, causing destruction.

I will give the word to reporter of ALLATRA TV from Italy


Italy. Breaking news of climate

Tatyana, ALLATRA TV reporter, Italia: Hello! This is ALLATRA TV reporter from Rome, Italy.

Several strong tornadoes struck the coast of Italy. A giant water funnel formed in the south-west of Italy, along the shores of Mediterranean Sea in the city of Salerno on November 20. The whirlwind lasted a few minutes. Tornado lifted containers and even small yachts in the port. Although there were people working at the port, fortunately, no reports of victims were received.

And in the Italian city of Crotone a tornado hit the train. The whirlwind broke several windows of the train. Fortunately, there are no victims, two people suffered injuries that were not life threatening. Also, the residents of the village of Taurisano, in southern Italy, suddenly discovered a tornado under their windows. This is very atypical for such an area. A whirlwind swept through the streets, tearing out trees with roots, knocking over fences. Several buildings were destroyed.

Later on the 25th of November, a series of tornadoes also swept through the Italian regions of Apulia and Calabria. Communities of Tricase and Corsano in Apulia and the city of Crotone in Calabria were particularly affected. The powerful wind, which exceeded 144 km/h (40 m/s), flattened trees, blew the houses roofs off and destroyed metal structures.


Almira, ALLATRA TV reporter, Kazakhstan: The reporter of ALLATRA TV from Italy will speak about what threatens Venice and other coastal cities.

Vasiliy, reporter OF ALLATRA TV, Italia: Hello! This is ALLATRA TV reporter from Rome, Italy.

In the 20th episode of the Breaking News, it was reported that the level of the world ocean was rising and some islands were the disappearing. According to observations and research by scientists, the Italian Venice is also under threat of flooding.

Since 1900, the central St. Mark’s Square in Venice has been subject to heavy flooding only 4 times a year. This year there were more than 60 floods. The frequency of flooding of the city is influenced by several factors: subsidence of the soil, as a result of which the city descends; the location of the city in the tectonic fault; global climate change, which raises sea level.

An Italian experts are trying to solve the problem of flooding. In 2003 they developed a system for monitoring the water level on the way to Venice and its environs - underwater gateways MOSE (storm gates). 

But these gateways can control flooding only if the sea level rises by no more than 50 cm. If sea level rises above this level, the MOSE system will not hold back the process. But, after all, not only Venice is under threat, but all the coastal cities of Italy.

According to scientists, the water level in the Mediterranean Sea will rise by 140 cm over several decades. But looking at the rapid climate change on the planet, this can happen much earlier.


China. Series of climate catastrophes

Alexey, ALLATRA TV reporter, China: Hello! This is an ALLATRA TV reporter  from southern China, Guangzhou city.

On November 25th,a  powerful sandstorm hit Gansu province that benighted offices and houses. The territory of the province partially includes the Gobi desert. The wall of dust reached a height of 100 m. Visibility on the streets was decreased significantly. Residents of the city have had to wear cloth masks on their faces. As  noted by the eyewitnesses,  sandstorms in this region usually occur in spring rather than in winter. Such a  phenomenon here at this time of  the year wasn't observed for about 10 years.


Japan. Series of climate disasters

Almira, ALLATRA TV reporter, Kazakhstan: And in Japan summer came in early December. Up next, ALLATRA TV reporter will tell you about abnormally warm weather in Japan.

Anastasia, ALLATRA TV reporter, Russian Federation: Warm summer weather was set in most areas of Japan on Tuesday, December 4, which is not typical for the beginning of this month.

According to TASS referencing to the National Meteorological Agency of the country. So in Ōita Prefecture on the southwestern island of Kyushu, the thermometer rose to 27. In West Fukuoka and Central Nara the temperature reached 26 degrees Celsius 78,8 °F), and even in Tokyo the temperature exceeded 22 degrees Celsius (71,6°F). Abnormal weather has set new temperature records at more than 270 of 927 observation points across Japan.



Elchin, Member of ALLATRA International Public Movement: It is important that today all people have a clear understanding that everything that happens on Earth concerns every person. It  doesn’t concern only some states, countries where this happens, or any state institutions, which, in the opinion of some people, should deal with these problems.

After all, no matter how many state institutions there are, whatever modern technology they would have - facing the wrath of nature, all this technology is just a useless pile of metal. And only man and mankind as a whole can do something in this situation. Only a person, every person who has decided to tackle these issues, take them seriously, look for ways of interaction, ways of solving these problems, and in that way the whole human society can withstand it.

Therefore, it is so important that today our attitude towards these problems should change. The Quran was said more than 14 centuries ago. Words were said that are very relevant today. In the 13th Surah, the 11th Ayah: "Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves”.

And our problems, they will not be solved by themselves. They won't disappear. As we can see today, so many of ALLATRA TV reporters - honest, sincere people from all over the world - they are watching and they share this information not to scare or create some kind of panic, no. On the contrary. To warn and notify that all this is gaining momentum. That the climate is changing all over the world and this is happening.

And only from the fact that we stop putting our attention on it, and at thе moment, when, say, Breaking News is on, we will switch at this moment to some Brazilian or other serial, the problem will not disappear. But if each person, having watched the same BN, becomes thoughtful and makes a decision inside himself that yes, this is a problem and it concerns everyone, it concerns me, as a citizen of the Earth and all my relatives, all my loved ones, all my friends. And if a person simply ceases to be indifferent - this is already the first step on the way for the situation to start changing for the better.


Almira, ALLATRA TV reporter, Kazakhstan: Looking at all these cataclysms, a question may arise: “Why do I need this negative stuff?” Consciousness pictures either fear and doom, or indifference as a defense reaction. But both of them are traps. There is always a way out. And there are many positive examples when people change their attitude towards other people from consumer-oriented to the constructive one, changing the situation at work, in the family, and so on. And when such people unite, the world changes.

Global climate change on Earth occurs due to circumstances beyond human control and requires real consolidation of efforts of all people on the planet for the survival of civilization in the future. And every inhabitant of our planet should think about it.

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