EXTRAORDINARY climate SITUATION on the planet ⇒ Does humanity have a CHANCE?

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  • HURRICANE "DORIAN". Devastating consequences in Bahamas.

Several thousand people missing. 76 thousand people left homeless, 70 thousand people in need of urgent help. The hurricane moved towards the United States and reached South, North Carolina and Canada, and then reached the shores of Finland and Estonia.

  • TYPHOON "LINLIN" hit China, having affected 455 thousand inhabitants. Over 2,800 people were evacuated. After this, the force of nature reached Miyako island (Japan). Wind gusts were up to 219 km / h (136 miles/h). Up to 236 mm of precipitation fell on the island during the day.
  • FAXAI TYPHOON has hit Honshu Island (Japan). Record wind gusts up to 207 km / h (128.6 miles/h) were observed.
  • TROPICAL CYCLONE "IMELDA" was formed in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, having turned into a storm. Wind speed reached 64 km / h (39.8 miles/h). The storm reached the shores of Texas state, USA, causing floods in 5 counties. In Sargent, Matagorda County, the amount of precipitation reached 508 mm, a little over a third of the monthly rainfall!
  • LANDSLIDES and FLOODS. Heavy rains led to landslides in China and India, to floods and mudflows in central Morocco. In northern Algeria, in the city of Skikda, about 127 mm of precipitation fell in just one day, and this is 4 times bigger than the monthly rainfall!
  • SNOWFALLS and ABNORMAL FROST. Heavy snowfall hit Swiss, Austrian and Italian Alps. In a few days, up to 40 cm of precipitation fell on the Austrian Hintertux and Stubai glaciers, up to 50 cm on the Stelvio Pass (Italy). In Russia, the first snow fell in Krasnodar Krai, near Gorky ski resort in Sochi. It it the first such an early snow in 30 years!
    In August, there was an increase in the number of lightnings at latitudes where such phenomena are not common. On August 10, 2019, numerous lightning strikes were recorded about 480 km from the North Pole, these are one of the most northern lightning strikes in the history of Alaska! According to new analysis, the closest observed lightning strikes at the North Pole occurred on June 28, 2019 in 177 km. What does these phenomena mean?
  • EARTHQUAKES. In the first half of September, earthquakes of large magnitude occurred in different parts of the planet:
    • off the coast of Ono-i-Lau island (Fiji) - M6.7;
    • in Kazakhstan - M6.1;
    • off the coast of Alaska (USA) - M5.5;
    • in the province of Sichuan (China) - M5.4;
    • in Armenia - M4.7;
    • inhabitants of Altai Mountains, Barnaul and Biysk experienced three powerful seismic events at once - M5.3, M5.1, M3.6

We cannot influence the climate. GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE IS INEVITABLE. But WHAT can we, PEOPLE, DO TODAY so that there is TOMORROW for HUMANITY ?

Ways to solve and the way out of current  situation watch in the programme on ALLATRA TV:

!!!!!!!THE CHANCE ON THE VERGE!!!!!!!!!!


"It is coming. Се грядёт."

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