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Abnormal cold in Central America, December 2017

Abnormal cold in Central America, December 2017

The severe cyclone caused a sharp drop in temperature in Central America.

In some areas of Honduras, the air temperature has dropped to + 8 ° C, which is a meager rate for warm Honduras. According to residents, the temperature at night dropped to +3 ... + 4 ° C. Because of the low weather, there are victims in the Department of Intibuca and the department of Copan.

A similar situation with the temperature is now in neighboring Mexico. The north and the center of the country as a whole are close to low temperatures, and the population even has furnace and gas heating, but the current temperature is too low. Therefore, in the central state of Zacatecas registered elevated cold - the columns of thermometers dropped to 15.4 ° C below zero. And since the houses of residents are not adapted to such frosts, people are heated as they can.

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