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Snowfalls in Canada: closed schools, massively disconnected electricity, December 2017

Snowfalls in Canada: closed schools, massively disconnected electricity, December 2017

On December 19 more than 43,000 Canadians were left without power supply due to heavy snow, as the wiring between the power transmission lines was damaged. The incident occurred in the province of British Columbia in the west of the country.

Emergency crews are intensively engaged in the restoration of damaged areas. However, specific deadlines for completing the work are unknown.

Due to bad weather, some motorways and local roads in Vancouver and on the mainland of the south of the province are closed for traffic; according to weather reports, it fell to 20-25 centimeters of snow. The number of road accidents has dramatically increased, flights at the Vancouver International Airport have been canceled or delayed. In the city of Toronto fell 10 centimeters of snow, which also caused problems with the movement.

Many schools during the day decided to close.

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