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The Northern Lights season began in Norway, September 2017

The Northern Lights season began in Norway, September 2017

On September 16-17, 2017, an unusually bright aurora observed over northern Norway. The outbreaks were about 8 points, according to the KP scale, which measures the radiance strength from 0 to 9. The auroral season starts in September and ends in April-May, and the best time to observe Aurora Borealis is January, February.

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis (Aurora Borealis) is a unique sight, a natural phenomenon of light and color. "Polar lights" ("aurora borealis"), literally the term can be translated as "dawn in the north." This atmospheric phenomenon occurs when the solar wind enters the Earth's magnetosphere, and it begins to vibrate and glow. The northern lights are sometimes so bright that it illuminates the sky, indicating to the travelers the way home. From sunset to dawn, the spells appear as suddenly as they disappear.

This year, the aurora season will be particularly intense, so it was possible to observe it even in southern Norway - said the senior adviser and researcher of the Norwegian Space Center.

One of the best places for observing the radiance is Spitsbergen, where the Northern Lights are visible every clear night.

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