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The storm "Grayson" sweeps snow north-east USA, January 2018.

The storm "Grayson" sweeps snow north-east USA, January 2018.

The cyclone Grayson hit the northeast of the USA, bringing snowstorms to New England region, specifically to New Jersey and New York. In coastal areas, the wind speed reaches 30.5 m / s.

In the global society, consumer attitude needs to be urgently changed to life with the creative vector. After all, already now we can see the loss of spiritual and moral foundations, that basis of life for which the human race exists...

What does the state count in the first place, calculating losses brought by a cataclysm or a natural disaster which occurred on its territory? The number of victims is usually understated, and economic losses, as a rule, are usually overstated. Can human life be placed at the same level as consumerism and digital statistics? We are talking about human victims, which could really be avoided or at least the risks could be significantly minimized. Who among us wants us or our children to become a mere figure in the statistics? No one.". From the report of the international community ALLATRA SCIENCE" On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems"".

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