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Climate Change in Uganda as seen by eyewitness

Climate Change in Uganda as seen by eyewitness

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges affecting the world today.

In Uganda, an increased drought frequency as well as an increase in intensity and frequency of heavy rains, floods, and landslides as well as outbreaks of associated waterborne diseases, have already been influencing many systems essential for human livelihood, including water resources, food security, and health. The economy and the well being of the people of Uganda are tightly bound to climate, especially because over 80% of the population is rural and depends on rain fed agriculture which is prone to impact of climate variability.The events of the past years clearly illustrate the magnitude of the problem.

Environment is being destroyed by the human activities. These human activities include: the bush burning, as you can see here the whole area is burned and soil is ...

Where it become very possible when the rain come when it's too heavy it can erode. All of these soil will go down to the valley , where it going to be kept . And this hills are going to be eroded down on.

As you can see when people are digging on the hills or in the valleys this soil attempted to erosion .It can be eroded and feels the valleys . When the valleys are going be lost , water is going drive in the valleys because of the soil that is there.This is climate change. You can realize it in one day but you can keep on watching changes every day and now.

There is no doubt human activity has a negative impact on the environment across the globe.But this influence is minimal compared to what is happening on the planet as a result of influence of a range of natural factors, which in the near future will only grow and about which the world's honest scientists keep telling us.As a rule, disasters appear suddenly causing chaos and panic.Only advance preparation and unity of the peoples of the world before the impending natural danger gives mankind a better chance of survival and the possibility to jointly overcome difficulties in the era of global climate change of the planet.To date, anthropogenic impact has not been the cause of massive planetary cataclysms.Global climate change on Earth takes place for reasons beyond human control and requires a real consolidation of efforts of all people on the planet in order for the civilization to survive the near future, and all inhabitants of the planet should pause to think about this.

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